Apr 13, 2009

Spill the beans on e-Awards!

I am perplexed. How do e-Awards get started? You know, those kind that have cheeky names that you throw out to a couple bloggers and they throw them out to a couple MORE bloggers and it just keeps going. Where do they START? I followed one blog award today on a friend's blog all the way back about 10 different bloggers and still didn't get to the start.

Maybe I should create my own e-Award. The Menschiest Mensch in Mensch Town Award. Yes, maybe I'll do that. But only if I can understand the purpose, meaning, and history behind these e-Awards.

So spill!


Jack said...

The purpose of the awards depends on who is offering them. Some people really do want to praise others.

It also presents a way to praise others while generating notoriety for yourself.

If your name is mentioned every time someone receives the XYZ award there is potential for a lot of publicity.

Chaviva said...

Good explanation, Jack.

I wish I could trace a single award back to it's originating source, though. I think that would be fascinating.

TMC said...

Sometimes I think the awards are another way to advertise, to increase readership. Other times I think it's a way of recognizing that you really like somebody's blog/writing without seeming too stalkerish.

rutimizrachi said...

Ooh! Ooh! I never actually chased an award before. I want the Menschiest Mensch in Mensch Town Award. Pick me! Pick me! (Uh -- I guess "please" would be appropriate here, right?)

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