Apr 21, 2009

Tinkerbell Pulling her Hair Out! One night only!

I'm not consuming nearly enough coffee to stay afloat. I have completely neglected my fellow Bloggers (247 posts in the Google Reader queue) and what can only be some amazing posts. Between Pesach, the end of the semester, and this talk I'm giving Friday? My head is in explosion mode. I drive myself to the limit, stress myself out, and make things a lot more work than they should be. In the end, I'm always proud and satisfied by my work and effort, but I'm beginning to wonder if the ends justify the means. The anxiety, the stomachaches, the sleeplessness, the tears in front of unsuspecting teachers followed up by more tears in a bathroom stall ... and that's only part of it. As such, I just Google Image searched "pull out hair" and got a lot of hilarious stock photos. But the best of all was this animated gif! Score on tinker bell pulling out the hair in twinkly frustration!

But sunnier things? I just read a boatload of goods on false messianism and the Bar Kochba revolt. Incredibly interesting stuff. I'm going to sit down and read the parshah tonight before bed and look over some of the notes I took a few years ago when I was dutifully reading the parshah each week (oy how times have changed!). I have my first meeting with the rabbi tomorrow since pre-Pesach, and I'm ready to get in there and ask the tough questions! And maybe, you know, feel out when the conversion thing will actually, physically, literally happen.

No pressure, though!

So until the semester is over, until I'm done pulling my hair out, and until the only stress in the foreseeable future is the likely mind-bending Middlebury Language School from July 24-August 14, this is what I'm up to when I don't have a nose in a book.

And maybe, just maybe I'll have time to reflect on Yom HaShoah, the Omer, the meaning of the count, the mourning, where it comes from, why we mourn! And all of that good stuff that I thrive on.


הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Oh man is that cartton funny..!

(Good luck by the way.)

Jack said...

Sounds like a full load to me.

Chaviva said...

Funny cartoon indeed. Does it resonate?

@Jack It is. Oh it is. But I tend to be quite hard and overpressuring on myself. Over-achiever syndrome.

Anonymous said...

someone needs to teach Tinkerbell tznius

Chaviva said...

LOL @ Anon. Yes, yes someone does.

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