May 21, 2009

From Football to Tefillin!

Hat tip to Jewschool for bringing this fascinating story to my attention. This is an absolutely INTERESTING story. Give it a watch. Yes, he still wears his Superbowl ring!


gruven_reuven said...

YES! Love the video.

Hear his Interview on the The Tamar Yonah Show.

It's an AMAZING interview

elisabeth said...

fun interview, thanks for sharing

i've been continuing to read your blog. thank you so much for sharing it -- i really appreciate your perspective and story. you have been getting some heated comments lately, which i think is a sign that your blog/writings are a success! they are getting people to think and to respond (which is uncomfortable sometimes, but is a good thing). well done.


Chaviva said...

@Reuven Great interview, seriously. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

@Elisabeth Thank you for our comments, they mean a lot. Sometimes it's hard to keep posting in the face of constant questions. I'm too far left for the right, too far right for the left, and it's like a constant tug-of-war because so few people seem to just accept who I am. So thank you. And Shabbat Shalom!

Anonymous said...

I saw him! He spoke at my NCSY convention. It was pretty cool. I feel horrible, though...I was so tired Friday night when he gave his speech that I actually fell asleep during it. *I'm sorry, Alan Veingrad*

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