May 15, 2009

It's Getting Hot in Here ...

I'm watching television and on the show, it's snowing. Why can't it be snowing here? Instead, it's 80 degrees in Tuvia's house because a mouse chewed through some wires, shorting something, and burning out the motor. We are old school. We are primitive. We are ... air conditioner-less! Good thing we're not going to be here over Shabbos and most of Sunday!

In other hot and spicy news, I'm here to let my faithful readers know that a blog post about my journey to Orthodoxy has been posted over at the Frum From Rebirth blog. Now, don't get your panties in a twist by the post -- it's a very quick look at the past six years of my life, and there are lots of spots that I could write book chapters of detail about. Just read it for what it is, a frame in the movie of my life.

So read, enjoy, and have a good Shabbos!


Kate said...

My air-conditioner runs 24/7. Usually on 64 degrees. Bad for the environment? Absolutely. Good for my mental and perspirational health? Absolutely.

KosherAcademic said...

Can't wait to read the guest entry.

But I'm really here because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your image. Rather apocalyptic, don't you think? Can I use it, too? -- I'd like it for my office door.

Gili said...

This is crazy, but I swear you used to post on the Indie Jews group on LiveJournal ages ago. That is where I first heard of you.

Then as the years kind of went on I kept noticing the occasional viral video on YouTube or something written by you somewhere. I guess because unlike a lot of us bloggers you weren't ever afraid of disclosing your photo and you have a pretty recognizable face.

I never realized you blossomed into this JBlogosphere icon. That's really cool.

Just wanted to say mazal tov and I think it's great how you share your spiritual journey with the world.

Jack said...

80 degrees isn't hot, that is what you call tropical.

Chaviva said...

@Kate I'm all about mental stability. Luckily, the A/C man came today and fixed the problem! For a chunk o'change :\

@KosherAcademic You are obsessed with my image, and that makes me happy. Thanks for posting it on Facebook, heh.

@Gili Whoa, that IS crazy. You made me smile with your comment, you know. It's been so long since I actively LJ'd, but that community was where I met a long-term boyfriend (no longer a bf, but still) and where I really acquainted myself with a lot of hip indie Jewish stuff :) How'd you find my blog here, btw?

@Jack It was hot. When you're in a box-like room and there's no A/C and the temperature creeps from 78 to 79 to 80 to 81 in a span of maybe a half hour? That's HOT HOT HEAT.

Gili said...

Saw a photo of you with your name and then I Googled it, at which point this blog was only a click away.

Anachnu garim b'olam katan! :)

I keep finding all these cool Jewish bloggers, and I want to share my blog but I am too ashamed of it.

Oh well.

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