Jun 22, 2009

Jewish Zodiac?! I'm a Latke!

On an otherwise bummed-out day, @PopJudaica has me giggling and enjoying the Jewish Zodiac. Unfortunately, I'm not the Year of the Pickle, but on the upside I'm Year of the Latke, which is pretty nifty I guess.

Comedy writer Seth Front was sitting at a Chinese restaurant one Sunday night, waiting for his Moo Goo Gai Pan and reading the Chinese Zodiac placemat that served as his table setting. Being the good rabbi’s son that he is he thought to himself - - "Jews love Chinese food. Why isn't there a Jewish Zodiac?" But what would a Jewish Zodiac be? It wouldn't be 'Year Of The Dragon' or 'Year Of The Ox,' it would be 'Year Of The Bagel' and 'Year Of The Lox.' It would be deli food!  And thus "The Jewish Zodiac" line was born.
You can get your Jewish Zodiac T-Shirt at the one and only PopJudaica.com!


Stephanie said...

Uh, I'm the Year of Chopped Liver...blech!

PopJudaica said...

Glad some Jewish kitch could add a little chear to your day :) Your post made my day too!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

My coworkers and I discovered a dozen or so of these hiding in our office & spent a long time laughing about them. I'm year of the Bagel! My best friend is Year of the Schmear - so fitting. :)

Jack said...

I met Seth. He is a really nice guy.

TMC said...

I'm pastrami! : o

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