Aug 30, 2009

Afterall, I am the Kvetching Editor.

Sof sof (finally/at last), I'm back on campus in my brand new dorm room. I requested a change in rooms because my knees are horrible and schlepping up and down the stairs on rainy or snowy days was killer on my cartilage-free leg benders. So now I'm in a first-floor room, in what I'm guessing is a dorm dedicated to individuals with physical disabilities. I was stoked. First floor, easy entrance, my legs are feelin' good.

And then, well, the room I'm in is a mess. A mess because it smells like mold. Or feces. I can't decide which. I complained to housing and they sent someone here on Friday, they say they cleaned the carpet, leaving a big fan in the room that has been running since then, to dry the carpet. The carpet? Still wet. The room? Still smells. I even have a diffuser in here. I can't smell it.

Listen, I know, I kvetch. I should do more editing, but mostly I kvetch. But I've got a host of allergies and bucket full of history with asthma. Mold isn't good for folks like me. It's horrible. So I sent another email. I'm hoping that when I wake up in the morning, magically my room will smell like Vanilla Sugar or Cinnamon Sugar or whatever my little reed diffuser is supposed to smell like. And if not? I might have to take some drastic measures. I suppose the benefit of this whole ordeal is maybe I could slink out of my housing contract, get the money, get a place in West Hartford, buy a cheap-o car, and live Real Style. (Wishful and completely not-doable thinking.)

So this semester I am taking three courses: Hebrew, Midrashic Literature, and Sexual Politics (aka, women in Tanakh). I'm hoping Hebrew goes easily, that I get a new gig (maybe as a TA?), that I really focus and figure out what I want to study (precisely), and that I can land some stellar letters of recommendations and submit some outstanding applications to PhD programs. It's going to be a long and toiling semester, but I think that what I have lined up for myself personally and academically will keep me really busy and really stimulated. Wish me luck.

Oh, and pray for me. This room might kill me ...


Elianah-Sharon said...

How did it go? Did they move you again???

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