Sep 21, 2009

A Flashback!

I promise there's a RH post to come, but I will write it only once my face is looking better. It's put me in a crappy place having my face all bludgeoned up with hives and what have you. Luckily, I'm on prednisone now and hopefully my face will chipper up quickly.

But I thought I'd entertain you all in the meantime with an early photo of me. I suppose this photo might be an indication of my future almost-frummie lifestyle. Weird, isn't it? This is Freshman Homecoming, circa ... 1998 I think?

Yes, that's crushed velvet and a long, velvet black skirt. And that hair? I had that my entire life, until about 2001 when I chopped it all off. What a relief! And the guy next to me with the glasses and the black/white shirt and black pants is my older brother. Let's just say he looks nothing like that now. I think I resemble myself, right?

Happy trails!

EDIT: Just for kicks, here's me a mere year later!


Anonymous said...

I like that your tznius then and you look so jewish!

B. Spinoza said...

yeah, wow. No wonder you chose Orthodox Judaism. It was made just for you :)

Simon said...

Nice photos! Who else is in them? I recognize a few people, but wow, it's been at least ten years. And you're right, your big brother sure does look different now. :)

Chaviva said...

@Anon & @Baruch Thanks :)

@Simon The situation with my brother saddens me. :\ But as far as who is in the photos? Man. I don't even remember, lol. The first one is a guy I worked at with McDonalds who was also my date, but his name is totally escaping me. He was an LNE guy, too. Then me, then my brother, then Yetta, then ... Yetta's little sister I think? And then Justin Griffin, who I am sure you recognize!

In the second photo is Ashley (Mohr) Fargo, myself, Maryl (Schock) Sattler, and Meagan (Post) Wittman. Yah, all my BFFs from high school are hitched :) Not me!

Simon said...

Wow...I don't think I recognize any of those names except for Justin Griffin (and only vaguely). High school sure is weird. :)

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