Sep 24, 2009

Pardon Me While I Wax Gematria ...


Thanks to Shirat Devorah, I finally have my answer to the gematria behind this new year of 5770.  The year can be written as תש"ע, which those of you might recognize as the Hebrew number tishah, or nine (9).

So what does that mean? What's the point of this year being "nine" ...?

Some interesting tidbits? The number nine appears exactly nine times (according to Shirat Devorah) in the Torah. And, as you'll all remember from my 09/09/09 post, the Hebrew word for truth -- emet (אמת)-- has the gematria value of ... wait for it ... NINE!

I'm not always big on the big and wow of Judaism, the miraculous moments where things click and everything fits and the weird and eeriness of connections. It seems superficial almost, like I'm looking for things that might not be there. But I have to say that NINE is a big number here. We're in 5770, the year 2009 (still, for now), and truth is in all things, especially this year. Maybe there will be a great truth this year? I could use a little truth, a little bit of clarity in a few things.

Anyone else see anything interesting about this year being spelled out as tishah? Or perhaps the significance of the number nine in the coming year?


EYR said...

Not that I'm a big Gimatria person myself, but I thought to point out that there are two types of Gimatriya: the standard one and what is called "Gimatriya Ketana" ("small" gimatriya). In the first, the first 9 letters have the values 1-9, the next have values 10-90, and the last four have values of 100-400. With the latter, the values are always single digits, so we cycle through the 1-9 values.

Thus, the word "Emet" is 441 in the standard Gimatriya, but 9 in "small" Gimatriya (just add up the digits of 441 = 9)

Anyhow, that is my little tidbit for the night :)


Yoav said...

And, of course, thehebrew letter תשע can be read as "tosha", which means "you will save" (tshua=salvation).
I wonder do we see only what we are looking for...

Jonah Simcha Chaim Muskat-Brown said...

5770, well 770 in particular, is the gematria for 'ufaratzta' which means you will be scattered. This was the Rebbe's wish, that each Yid scatter him/herself to the arbah kanfos ho'oretz and pick up the lost neshomos. 5770 is a year of not only elevating ourselves, but scattering ourselves and elevating those around us.

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