Oct 25, 2009

Things You Might Not Know About Me! Part II

I thought about writing more about me, since, you know, this is my blog and all. However, I thought it might be more interesting for me to learn about YOU, the readers.

So here's your task, if you so choose to accept it: Tell me something about you! Something many people may not know or that you like to surprise others with. Something funny, something serious, something unique, something special. Something relevant to what brings you to my blog, or something completely off the wall.

Nu? Who are you?


M said...

I am a law student! In Canada (Alberta to be specific)!

Something that surprises many people about myself..hmm...probably that I'm in the process of converting (through Conservative auspices). But people are often surprised that I love to bake and cook, and that I'm in the process of writing a cookbook.

I like your blog because I am drawn to Modern Orthodox practice, but I have no idea how to reconcile it with being a busy student- and you seem to do so, and that blows my mind, it's so impressive. I don't click with the Orthodox rabbi in my community (there are only 3 total congregations, so it's not like I'm rolling in options), so I've decided to go Conservative for now, and explore a more orthodox conversion later.

Chaviva said...

I don't know why being (Modern) Orthodox has gotten such a rap for being difficult to do in ANY situation. It's actually easy, if you're dedicated to it, you know? Have you thought about the possibility of waiting, doing your Judaism as you do it, and doing an Orthodox conversion when you're there -- if you're planning on doing it anyway someday? When I converted Reform, I anticipated becoming more religious, but not necessarily ending up here in Orthodoxy. I'm just saying, if you can go Orthodox -- and know you're going Orthodox -- and get that conversion done without having to go through any other? You're all the better for it.

But good luck with law school. I have a lot of friends who dropped their journalism (my first profession) gigs and are now in law school. I think school's a safe place to be right now :D And seriously, if you're doing a cookbook, if it's got some yummy kosher things in it, lemme know :) I'm constantly scavenging for recipes!

Carla Gordon said...

Hi Chaviva,

I have a degree in law, but do not practice, work as a contracts manager. I am nearly finished with my conversion, Reform (here in South Africa) which is a lot more conservative than in America, we do not have a Masorti movement here in SA. We are encouraged here to learn Hebrew ( I can at least read it now, vocab is another thing altogether), observe of Mitzvot and learning about Halacha.
My personal journey is closer to MO. I keep Kosher, not totally shomer Shabbat yet, but I will get there. Still learning the ins and outs of when and where to say all the prayers and blessings (my opinion is that to say a prayer or blessing is never wrong anyway). I work as a volunteer at the local Jewish Old Age home and strive to make my life more Holy through learning and observing mitzvot.

PS - so many people thats converting have a legal background ... it is something about Jewish way of thinking that ignites the spark? he he he

Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Hello Chaviva.
Recently came across your blog, but really enjoy reading your postings. WoW, something about me, LOL, well I have pointed ears, LOL. I have hid them really well though by keeping my hair a little long and over the tops of my ears. It only took one time, waaaayyyy back in elementary school for a girl to point and make fun, LOL, of them for me to hide them from that time on. Don't care much about that now (am too old to care about someone making fun, LOL)

Thanks for the great blog, really interesting stuff.

Lewdmilla said...

Chaviva - I've probably mentioned before that I found your blog when I was in the early, awkward, what-the-heck-am-I-doing phase of my conversion. (It's hard finding Jewish community when you live down the street from Liberty University.) Although we are on different ends of the Jewish (and sometimes the political) spectrum, I appreciate the honesty with which you share your journey. I recently wrote a blog post about the "self-censorship" that I feel runs rampant through the blogs of converts and converts-in-progress - we are afraid of exposing ourselves as not "really" Jewish, or to negative folks who enjoy opportunities to tell us as much. You tell your story without succumbing to that very real impulse. It was - and still is - validating to read a strong convert's voice.

I'm converting Reform with a Renewal-minded Rabbi, and am hoping to pursue ordination as a Rabbinic Pastor through ALEPH at some point. Currently, I case manage a house of teenage foster kiddos, but I'm trying to make a move to hospital/prison chaplaincy within the next few years.

I have never spelled the word "probably" correctly on the first try.

Millinery Shop said...

I am an observant Jew. I stay away from labels and just try to be a little better every day. I am a mom and enjoy every second of it - even the nasty ones:0 I enjoy reading, biking and baseball. I work at the most amazing website ever www.millineryshop.net and I really enjoy your blog.Keep em coming

Elianah-Sharon said...

Lets see. I started out Reform and am now Modern O - working on actually getting to shul but there are some "issues". My husband had a heart transplant this year and then decided to convert :D

Elianah-Sharon said...

Oops forgot the rest! I like your blog because you're a very intelligent and thoughtful person who is a mentor of sorts along the observance path...its nice to know someone like me.

TMC said...

My mind always goes blank when someone asks me about myself.

(does that count as my "something about myself"?)

I enjoy your blog because you talk honestly about your personal experiences intelligently, and without expecting the reader to have needed to experience something similar in order for us to understand the emotion, excitement, fear, etc. Also I appreciate your respect for other spiritual seekers, though their path/tradition might differ from yours.

Chaviva said...

@Carla I would *LOVE* to hear about your take on Judaism in SA. I met a girl once at my Chicago shul who said she'd been to a Reform shul and a Conservative one and she didn't feel like either represented Jewish values in SA, so she ended up at my MO one. But I agree -- I think Jews and law mix perfectly. It's such a legal religion :) Glad you posted!

@Christopher Thanks for the kind words. Pointy ears are cool, never fear.

@Lewdmilla It sounds to me like you have a lot of soul and a lot of dedication in your Judaism. I wish you all the hatzlacha in the world with your endeavors, and your neshama will lead you the right-a-way! And it means a lot that people dig my full-frontal conversion talk. I feel like I shouldn't hide or be ashamed or have a chip about anything. I figure, if anything, my honesty might help someone out there out who is either disenchanted or frustrated with something -- anything -- about Judaism.

@Millinery Shop What a *great* website to know about, thank you for posting. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on your site for when I'm engaged and thus married!

@Elianah! I didn't know he decided to convert!!! How is he doing, anyhow? We're partners in crime with our Reform ===> MO paths, yeah?

@TMC I have learned something about you: you go blank! Thank you, as always, for the kind words. I think it's important to remember that none of us know the RIGHT way in life. We do our best, follow our hearts and souls, and we hope it all turns out in the end. But for any one person to claim superiority in religion or tradition? It's a waste of time and energy. We all have our special plug-in to the divine, whatever that may be. We have to go at our own paths, right? Anyway, I'm babbling. Thank you for being awesome :D

Elianah-Sharon said...

Chavi...I started going to the mikveh the month the heart came to us. I truly believe that is what brought it. I prayed then that G-d would make my family "whole". Just before the transplant, Anth informed me he had thought of this for years (!?) and now wanted to do it. He's working with a Reform rabbi and that's fine. I don't want to "spook" him and this is what he can handle now. He gets upset because I am so far to the O side now...he says I am taking it too far. Sigh. Hopefully, G-d willing, it will all come together :D

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