Nov 9, 2009

And the T-Shirt Winner is ...

I'm a *little* late on picking the winner, and I hope those of you (there were like, seven of you) who entered will forgive me! Considering everything? I think you can.

I decided to do the drawing a different way since I didn't have so many entrants. I found this nifty Random Picker on the internet, typed in the names of the lovely ladies that entered, and the winner that it spit out was ...


Yes, folks, the lovely TMC, a blogger extraordinaire, has been chosen for these two Tees. I'll be contacting you for your mailing information, so look out. Mazal tov!


TMC said...

woot woot! Thanks!!

I'd like to assure everyone that these loverly gifts are going to a beautiful convert Jewess living in a wilderness of sorts, Alaska!

Thanks Chavi!

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