Nov 9, 2009

I Need Something Soft to Occupy My Mind.

Do you know how hard it is to focus on schoolwork (I have two papers I need to start working on, which means I have two notebooks full of documents I need to go through; Hebrew homework and an exam on Friday; books to read for Ancient Fictions; you name it, I have it to do) and general work for my freelance editing? To focus while not knowing what the next two weeks hold for me?

Chaviva is on pins and needles. My mind has taken on the classic Wandering Jew characteristics. The TV is on in the background, blaring some show, and the only thing I can focus on is blogging how anxious I am.

That, folks, is humorous. It's the divine comedy at work!


M said...

This is only funny because I feel your pain...

I am currently avoiding studying for a midterm (tomorrow!) worth 60 % of my grade by....(this you will love)...updating my day planner, which is only serving to throw me into further conniptions since I realize that within the next 4 weeks I have 6 finals (3 take home, 3 regular), 2 trials, 1 pre-trial conference, 2 assignments and 1 presentation. I'm also avoiding by reading blogs...

I think a few years of grad/professional school turns our brains to mush. I really hope someone decides to write a thesis on my theory at some point..

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