Nov 3, 2009

T-Shirt Giveaway!!

I'm in the mood for ... a giveaway!

Now, this isn't a super stellar giveaway, but maybe it is. Some time ago, I was sent a copy of Webstein's Dictionary, a hilarious little book with funny takes on common Jewish words, as well as a few T-shirts to go with it for promotional purposes. I had hoped that perhaps, just maybe, after some weight loss I'd actually wear them, but unfortunately they won't really fit me right either way (you ladies probably understand why). At any rate, these shirts are both XLs, although since they're in the "baby tee" style I'd say they're more like mediums or larges. I'll be giving both tees away together.

If you think you or someone you know would absolutely dig these T-shirts, then enter the giveaway! Here are the rules and regulations. (PS: Sorry the photos are poor quality; took them with the BB.)

  1. Comment on this blog post with your email address, that is, if it doesn't show up in your Blogger profile when you comment. (If you're uncomfortable with this, please email me at kvetching dot editor at gmail dot com). 
  2. In the comment, please share what your FAVORITE Jewish or Hebrew word is and why.
  3. Stay tuned until Monday morning at 10 a.m. when I'll announce the winner of this T-shirt combo! 
  4. I will contact the winner, post it to the blog, and mail you your goodies :)

Best of luck to everyone -- and spread the word!


TMC said...

I think my favourite word is "frum." It's hearty-sounding and has some weight, which is appropriate for its meaning. :)

sled dog skippy said...

My favorite word is "zaftig." What other word can be an onomatopoeia
for a woman's curves?!

Elianah-Sharon said...

My favorite word? Tachtonim with tachat coming a close second because anything with 12 year old potty humor attached makes me giggle.

Carrie said...

If I can count a phrase, I'm going to go with "Oy Vey." It expresses so much...

Plus it's amazing when little kids imitate grown-ups and they put their hands on their cheeks and sigh "Oy Vey."

carrieplant AT gmail

Anonymous said...

I won't submit coz I'm in the UK - postage etc. But the t-shirts are very cool.

PS. PLeeease don't be offended... :(

Melissa said...

There are so many good words to pick from, but I'm going to go with schlep because I use it all the time. It works in both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences equally well.

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