Jan 15, 2010

Shabbos Menu a la Chaviva.

Once again, my good friends are allowing me to host people at their place while they're away, which means I'm cooking. Again. I honestly don't know how mommies of kids or working mommies or just normal people get used to this cooking for Shabbos thing. Then again, I'm guessing most people don't accidentally invite over 12 people to feed. I hate delegating, and I like there to be a fluid sense of food on the table. However, this time, people offered, so there will be extras brought in. I'm also considering making more dessert. (Wow, can I stop cooking already? There's enough food, Chavi!) This is the menu for Shabbos dinner tonight.

Challah + Hummus
Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Barbecue Meatballs
Some kind of chicken dish (from guests)
Rice (from guests)
Green Beans (with a bit of garlic/salt/pepper)
Store-bought cinnamon buns (parve)
Green Grapes

What a spread, eh? Who is coming over for dinner!? Pictures forthcoming!

As a brief aside: It felt so good to cook all of this food for my friends, knowing that I didn't have to observe bishul akum!


Anonymous said...

awesome! We are having steak, potato kugel and SOME kind of vegetable to be named later. We're not big eaters so this should do it. I have no clue what tomorrow will bring but I did get some turkey pastrami and of course, there will be leftover kugel and multitudes of pickles and parve brownies :) Shabbat Shalom Chavi!

Mottel said...

Sounds Yum!

Anonymous said...

Yum! I shall be dining on cod, broccoli and sweet potatoes this evening - and it is all being cooked for me - I just have to drink, eat and provide conversation! Bliss! Shabbat Shalom and enjoy! PS - I've been so envious of your trips to Israel - well guess what - I'm going this autumn!!!!!!! So excited!!


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Oh my gosh. All of these things sound delicious. Specifically the potato-leek soup, barbecue meatballs, corn kugel & sweet potato casserole. And, well, EVERYthing... Hope it goes well!

Carrie said...

Did you go on a birthright trip? If so, check out birthright next (go to the birthright website, look for "NEXT" and look for their shabbat program.) They pay you up to $18 per person for 4 to 16 guests to host Shabbos meals. I do it every month and get 16 people every time. I don't know how I could do it without the funding.

KosherAcademic said...

Sounds delicious! Can't wait to let you cook for us sometime :)

Chaviva said...

@Carrie I COMPLETELY forgot about that until I was sitting at the dinner table and going "crap, I could have saved myself the $100 plus I dropped on that dinner" by going Birthright Next. NEXT TIME!

@Everyone They *WERE* delicious. The soup especially. I recommend everyone make it. It was *so* good.

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