Feb 21, 2010

Because I Like Useful Websites!

I give you, some useful websites (thanks to RealSimple.com, my favorite magazine!). As a note, none of these are sponsored websites. I just love sharing the love. Of course, if someone wants to pay me, I'm more than happy to take the cash money!

  • www.fileritem.com: This website helps you fill in those extra couple of bucks on Amazon.com when you really want that free shipping (and don't have the amazing Prime service like I do). Just go there, type in the amount you need to be filled in for the free shipping at $25.00 and it'll give you a list of items!
  • www.web2pdfconvert.com: I'm a fan of CutePDF for my PDF needs, but this site provides a similar service. Type in the URL you want put in PDF form and call it a day!
  • Looking for 400 calorie meal menus? www.realsimple.com/400calories!
  • If you're in the need for some classy, unique invitations, I encourage you to check out www.QuiteLikeIt.com, the boutique of my two BFFs, who are working on my designs, or www.realsimple.com/invite for some great and snazzy ideas.
  • Skip evite.com and check out MyPunchBowl.com if you're planning a Purim partizzle. 
  • If you're lazy, in a pinch, and you need a CV or Resume, then you need to hit up CeeVee.com. It's definitely the answer to the modern, busy, and procrastinating individual in the need for a knock-out CV.


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