Mar 6, 2010

Arts & Crafts with Chaviva & Tuvia!

I've been dying to do something crafty, and because my crocheting skills have fallen very much by the wayside, I decided that motzei Shabbat Tuvia and I needed to go to one of those "paint it yourself" shops. Unfortunately, because we lollygagged so much after Shabbos ended, we were left with a mere hour to paint our masterpieces! I talked Tuvia into painting one of those things you put your rings on when you're doing the dishes or washing your hands, and I, inspired by the Gefilte Fish Plate in Judaikitsch, decided to mimic the design to the best of my ability. Here are some photos of the experience, and stay tuned for the finished, glazed and fired products (due to be picked up on Friday, March 12). Thanks to the kind lady at Claypen in West Hartford Center.


Katherine said...

the plate actually turned out quite nicely [from what i can tell]! cannot wait to see it fired and glazed!

Tamara said...

FUN! I've been telling Avi that we should do this and make some nice pieces for our home.

Dunking Rachel said...

I made my daughter do this with me last year! was so much fun...she is an artist and her stuff was amazing, I made a trivit to put hot stuff on...a square with a looks like bad camp crafts...but I love my bad camp art!...sounds like you had fun...!

Anonymous said...

I love those places! I made an Elijah's cup one year for Pesach. Now that you've mentioned it, what a great idea. Maybe we'll be doing some art before Pesach this year!

Chaviva said...

@Katherine It'll be ready on Friday! I'm so excited :D

@Tamara YOU SHOULD! It's therapeutic.

@DunkingRachel We want to make a washing cup next ... and you know, sometimes when it looks a little raw, it's more cute!

@ElianahSharon You should! Something new and fresh for Pesach.

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