Apr 8, 2010

Say Hello to _________!

I really should be finishing up these 80 exams (three essays each to grade, which means I have to read 240 paragraph-plus renditions of who Akiva was and why he's important, etc.) plus extra credit (which always is fun. But I have to share the good news (wow, that sounded really preachy) ... about my CAR that is. Thanks to the good efforts of Tuvia, I now have a 2010 Toyota Yaris in Carmine Red to call my own (jointly, of course). We decided to take advantage of their No Interest Financing for 60 months, as well as a $1,000 recent grad incentive (graduating in May, I am) and bought their most inexpensive model on the lot. Of course, me being picky and wanting Carmine Red, it had to be shipped up. The moment the chag was over, we schlepped over and nabbed this little puppy. The buying experience was pretty craptastic, as our assigned car salesman was less than enthusiastic. Luckily, we'd already decided what we wanted when we went in (mad props to U.S. News and World Report's rankings on most affordable small cars). The finance guy was much more pleasant (even if he is a Red Sox fan).

So here she is:

Now, notice the license plate. 309-YAN. Okay, so three is my lucky number, nine is my lucky number squared, and YAN? Totally Yankees. I'm not a huge Yanks fan, even if my boy Joba (GO ROCKETS!) is on the team, but here's a tip to Tuvia. THis happened completely by happenstance, too. The salesman gave the finance guy -- turns out every car that is sold this month at the Toyota dealership will walk away with a YAN license plate. It's going to be a long month for the finance guy ...

So now, something I hadn't even thought about, and I owe this entirely to @YonitDM for bringing it up, CAR NAMING. Delicious car naming. My last car, which is now in my parents possession (that is, I gave it to them when their minivan broke down), is a 2001 Chrysler Sebring LXi  named Sally. The car got its name while in Denver while sitting in front of one of those Sally beauty supply places. (That car should never have been bought, by the way. I was an undergraduate student with zero money in my pocket, but it was pretty. I guess you live and you learn, right?)

So I'm looking to you guys for help. Suggest names, and I'll think them over and go with the best one. Also, feel free to boost up the love of names people already have suggested. I might even do a poll after I get plenty of names. Of course, I also have veto power :) So take what you know about me, and suggest an appropriate name for my little crimson beauty!


Elianah-Sharon said...

For some reason I just like Pip.

Christina said...


Glad Hatter said...

Ok, so I thought the car was purple from the pic so my first idea was the Grape Escape.

Other ideas include:

The Hatchback of Notre Dame

Alia Ramer said...

Carmine - totally. It's Carmine Red, and it's car-mine, get it?
When we got our dog he was just called by his color/gender, Apricot Boy. We named him Skippy (cause he's the color of peanut butter and he's a little nerdy), but I still call him Apricot Boy sometimes.

shualah elisheva said...

well, it's a pesach car [even if it was purchased after the chag]. and - we DID cross the red sea [reed sea, yesyes].

so i vote you name it either:

maryam [she danced on the other side of the sea, much as we dance post.matzah!]
midbar [this car will carry you through MANY a wilderness]
aish [it is fire red, like the fire we followed at night]

those are my suggestions!

your rabbinic intern said...

What about "Hot Temple Time Machine"? :-)

When i bought a car, i named it Falcor, after Falkor the Luckdragon in "The Neverending Story" since i had just finished reading the book. Unfortunately Falcor is no longer with us.

shavuatov said...

Carmen - being a play on Carmine Red and also a reference to the opera, Carmen, a gipsy with a fiery (red) temper....

We're in the market for a new car at the moment too. But want something a little bigger than a Yaris...

TMC said...

How about Shani?
I did a quick G search and found that it's Hebrew and means red, crimson, scarlet.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to wait a while for something to reveal it's true name. SO don't be in too much of a rush.


Chaviva said...


I'm stewing on which to choose. I'm loving Rosebud, actually. And Shani. We'll see. Hope to have 'er named by Friday!

Chaviva said...

How do you all feel about Samook (סמוק)? It means "sanguine" in Hebrew. For some reason the word sanguine just popped into my head immediately.

Otherwise, I'm so calling it my Hot Temple Time Machine aka Carmen.

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