May 27, 2010

Marrying a Convert: A Serious Plunge.

Aliza wrote about this on her blog, and I thought it worthy to post here. It's an interesting piece by a woman who married a man who converted -- Orthodox -- and now she's trying to evaluate how religious he is versus how religious she is. Interesting article. I second what Aliza says about getting letters from people who want to convert but whose boyfriends/fiances/partners/etc. are happy with who they are or who fear the converted individual becoming, well, a Super Jew.

Read the story here: Intermarried: My husband, a convert, is more observant than I am


Anonymous said...


I've been thinking about you over the past few days (ooh, that sounds really creepy and not at all what I meant, lol!) and wondering how that aspect of your very impending simcha is going.

I'm going to read Aliza's post.

And hope it goes well for you both!


KosherAcademic said...

It was an interesting article, thanks for posting it!

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