May 13, 2010

Where, is My Hair Brush?

Eighteen days. Eighteen days of spiky, “wow” hair. And then? My hairdo will gladly send out change of address cards, something unique, notifying admirers and onlookers that it can now be found under a hat, swathed in a tichel, and maybe, someday, stacked under a sheitel for specific simchas for specific relatives with specific, let’s say, hair how-tos.

But, you know, I didn't always have this hair. Once upon a time my hair was long, flowing, and thick as the day is long. The joy of covering in a few weeks is that I can sort of do whatever I want with my hair and no one will EVER know (save Tuvia, of course). I could dye my hair bright pink (like people poked and prodded me to in college) or give myself a perm (like my father always dreaded). Maybe I'll have a fun "vote on Chavi's haircut"thing monthly. Of course, y'all wouldn't be able to see it. I'd share with you, however, unless that's not tzniut! The adventures in hair begin here, folks. No more hair goop, either. Goodbye hair goop.

How do you deal with the loss of free-flowing hair? How do you own your coverings? Did you choose not to cover? How did you make the tough decision? Advice on getting down with your bad hair-covered self?


Anonymous said...

Eighteen days?! Wow, that's come round soon.

Well, I'm not heading towards covering up any time soon - I'm kind of doing th reverse actually, which is growng my hair, from mega short to long. It will, of course, take forever as I have naturally curly hair, so it will take its own sweet time to spiral round and down, rather than just straight down.

Oh the adventures I have before - at the same time different and similar to yours.

Enjoy the transition!


rabbi's wife said...

I cover all the time and my DH prefers I keep my hair long under my tichel. So, all I did was grow my bangs out before the wedding, which I had never done before.
I used to use exclusively scarves to cover, but since moving to Israel have also added in beret-style snoods and those knitted ones you see the chasidisshe ladies wearing, because in summer they are much cooler than anything else.
Just two hints: either long hair or very short hair works best for covering. medium length (just long enough to go in a pony) always looks odd. In summer, always wear a lightweight, light colored covering, whether it matches your outfit or not. The sun on a black/dark covering will overheat you in a very short time, and it's not like you can just take it off.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame you have to cover you beautiful hair, so I would opt to just keep it shaved:)Dad's fave pic is when you wore the brown shirt and your hair was so beautiful and long. I made that dress you have on there:)

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

@ShavuaTov Eee! It's been so long since I grew my hair out ... I've had this short hair since 2001. I've never been wiling to grow it out because there's always that weird part of hair growing where it just doesn't look good, you know? I'd hit that point and then just cut it. With covering ... I can grow it because no one will have to see it :) YAY! I can't wait to see your's long and curly!

@RabbisWife Someone else actually told me that the other day, about hair lengths and covering. My hair, right now, is too short to poke out from under a hat. I do have bangs, however, which I intend on leaving out because, well, I've had bangs since I was a child :) Hopefully I can make it work. I will put your hints to GREAT use.

@Anon I don't *have* to cover my hair. I choose to!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I find hair covering to be an incredible, meaningful, special thing. There is something protective about it. The shul I go to (conservative), many women wear kippot, and not many cover in the way we are thinking. Sometimes that makes me feel really self conscious, other times I don't care. I figure, everyone has to do what's meaningful for them, and that's what matters.

I love hats, and I've been told I have a good head for them :) I also really like scarves, long rectangular ones that give me a lot of options of how to tie them, although, I'll admit I usually do a bun style.

You will find a way to make it yours. You will find styles and colors that work for you...and others that don't.

Good for you for choosing to cover your hair :) Shabbat Shalom.

(sorry to delete my previous comment!)

Ambaa said...

To the person who said you may as well shave off your hair:

Long hair that no one ever sees can still be something that you yourself love. I have long hair because I adore long hair, not for anyone else.

And also, your husband will see your beautiful hair!


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