Jun 20, 2010

A Dry Spell

I'm already ready for next Shabbat. I don't know why, but this Shabbat I just didn't feel rested; my attempts at an afternoon nap just didn't pan out. I spent my afternoon rereading texts for my final graduate exam, mulling over Hebrew flashcards, and being anxious about the upcoming weeks of sitting, doing nothing, and then moving like mad into our apartment in Teaneck.

The Invisible BridgeNext Shabbat, we're taking part in this awesome Mystery Shabbat thing in Teaneck (the aim being to pair people up at a mystery house, so the hosts don't know who is coming and the guests don't know whose house at which they're eating), and I'm eager to get situated in the new 'hood with new people, a new shul, and, essentially, to officially start our married life. I never thought New Jersey would hold the fruits of my future, but here we are.

Because of my current limbo, I really don't have much to post on. I guarantee that when I start working on my grad exam I'll have an abundance of interesting quips to share, and I also just downloaded The Invisible Bridge onto my nook, so that should provide me with some material about which to blog about. It's new, it was featured in The New York Times Book Review, so I'm sold. It will be the first official book I've read on my nook, so I'm stoked.

Until I come up with something interesting to blog about, enjoy some of the other blogs out that update religiously with interesting and fascinating goodies. Like who? Check out the following.

Peace out!


Suburban Sweetheart said...

I'm feeling similarly - this weekend didn't refresh me the way I'd hoped it would, & I find myself dreading the week ahead, something that's unfortunately become a pattern in my life. Big things are happening this week - potentially, at least - and I'm hoping that come next week, I find myself in a better place to be refreshed &, well, sane.

Drew said...

I did not feel refreshed from Shabbat in Upstate New York this past weekend. I just felt restless the entire time and very much an outsider since the house J's relatives own up there was in an orthodox development where people go for the summers.

On cool note, we drove back to NY through Teaneck, NJ! Looks like a nice place! Apparently alot of my husbands childhood friends at summer camp came from Teaneck.

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