Jul 12, 2010

Real Housewife of NJ

I'm sipping some coffee from my oversized Coffee Mug, watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey, fantasizing about how I'd look in a five-sizes too small dress throwing a sandwich at some other New Jersey housewife and the cops showing up to dismantle another unnecessary scuffle. Over what? Probably over the last Kiki Riki shirt or tichel at the local shop. Or, maybe, over the last gluten free crust at the local pizza shop. It would be, in a word, legendary. The Really Frum Houswives of Teaneck.

It's funny how quickly I've settled into wifedom. I dread looking at myself in the mirror because oftentimes my hair look a'mess, and I worry about its affects on my relationship (which, of course, is stupid because Tuvia expresses his love no matter how crappy I look or feel; what a mensch). I manage to fit an ungodly amount of stuff into a single day, and when I sit back and drink my cup of coffee I wonder how I did it. I can't imagine how it'll work when I have kids.

I've been suffering a bout of serious exhaustion the past few days, so I went to bed at 9:30 p.m. and slept until 10 a.m. today. I woke up ... exhausted. I showered, put all the dishes that were toveled and washed yesterday away, and washed some more things that were toveled. I rearranged some stuff in the house, scavenged through my notebooks for what I needed to work on today. I made some food and ate, grabbed my backpack and more stuff to be toveled, and headed out. I went to Starbucks and did about three hours of paper writing, realized I left a notebook at home, and left. I went to Shop Rite and bought fish and potatoes. I toveled. I went home. I grabbed things to return to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I drove back to BB&B, picked up a few things, ran to Whole Foods for a few things, went home. I set up shop to work at home, organized myself, started dinner. Grilled up some fish, roasted some taters, used my rice maker for the first time. Ate dinner with Tuvia. Got back to work on my paper. Finished the paper (well, this is one-quarter of the paper I have to write). Made a cup of coffee. And here I am.

Yawn. Being a Really Frum Houswife of Teaneck is tiring.


Anonymous said...

OK! So I don't know what tovel means, but anyway. Maybe you are drinking too much coffee. Maybe the hat thing isn't working for you. You always feel so much better when you fix your hair and put a little makeup on. You know what they say if you feel good you look good, so I assume that if you look good you feel good. Find a nice park to sit in and enjoy the sounds and watch people and do nothing....sometimes that can ease ones mind and calm the soul. You're too young to have all these mind problems that seem to be disrupting your sleep. Chill a bit.

the rabbi's wife said...

Wow, that was an unusual anon comment! Don't worry about how you'll do it all with kids. You'll quickly learn, when you have them, that doing it all isn't an option anymore! Or, you definition of "all" will change! (at least, until some of them are older.)
But I think "frum housewives of Teaneck" would be a hilarious show that I would watch, as long as I could get it on DVD or Youtube, since we don't have a TV. Maybe you should think of finding a producer to pitch it to! of course, no one could be on the show, because it's not tznius...but whatever!

pam said...

"I can't imagine how it'll work when I have kids"

well - it probably won't "work," but i can tell you it will be even more Fun and Exciting!! (and joyful). until that time, enjoy early married life - it really is a time to cherish - and congratulations again!

and to anon - if you don't know what tovel means you may be reading the wrong blog. if you keep reading you might learn something if you approach with an open mind and are prepared to learn about a culture you are unfamiliar with.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I think Anon meant well (t'wasn't me, I'm just sayin'). Seems like a mom comment! Haha.

I loved this post. I don't love your exhaustion, of course, but the post was cute, & I love the idea of settling into wifedom & domesticity, but paired with independence & determination & all that other preexisting jazz. Does this make sense? I'm falling asleep.

Love it. Get some more sleep. <3

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