Aug 8, 2010

Fashion's Modest Cousin.

Inspired by one of my new, awesome friends who recently started a blog ("Modestly Fashioned," that is), I've decided to do a fashion piece. It won't be regular, and it may never happen again, but I think it's nice to know that, well, being modest (tzniut) and fashionable are not opposing forces.

Today, in honor of the Jewish Social Media Schmooze event in New York City, I decided to go a little vintage with my outfit, homing the power of the glorious Joan of Mad Men! I positively adore her curvaceous, yet mostly modest (circa the 1960s, after all) digs. The way they style her is proof that you can be a primo fashionista even when you have some curves. Sometimes, I just want to look good, and today was one of those days where I felt positively excellent in my clothes and in my skin.

The best thing about this outfit is that it didn't cost much to put together. (Also borrowing this item-by-item breakdown from the "Modestly Fashioned" blog -- the name that I coined!)

Polka-dotted scarf ~ 
Red Rose Earrings ~ Urban Outfitters 
Pencil Jean Skirt ~ Land's End
Black Kiki-Riki 3/4-length crop shirt ~ Local store 
Black tanktop ~ Lane Bryant
Polka-Dotted Ruffle Shirt ~ Marshall's 
Peep-toe flats ~ Croc's 

Most of the components of this outfit I've had for quite some time (the skirt and tank top, for example, are items I've owned for 2+ years and are serving an awesome purpose). The Polka-Dotted Ruffle Shirt cost a mere $14.00 at Marshall's, and the rest of the items (save the earrings) were purchased on sale, too. I'm a sale shopper, what can I say?

All together, I'd say this outfit made me feel vintage-modest, which is a look I can be happy about. 

The point of this post? Enjoy the clothes you wear. Being modest doesn't mean selling your soul to the muumuu and baseball cap. Be comfortable, be fashionable, be modest. But most importantly, be YOU!


Hadassah said...

You are such an OrthoFox!! Love this feature. Might have to copy it for my own blog....

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

@Hadassah I think that your outfit today TOTALLY qualifies. You still in it? :)

Ally said...

LOVE it!!!!! thanks for the shout-out...and the name:)

Hadassah said...

Chavi - no, i got home, tore off the hair and kicked of the shoes, nylons were flung into a corner, Off came the jacket, rolled up my sleeves and got down to laundry. (KoD did do the dishes, btw.... house was sparkling when i got home)

Sophia said...

Love it, Chavi :) Great outfit. You should totally do this as a regular feature =]

Batya said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I have no doubt that modest can be more attractive than baring skin, sexier, too!

Karen Zampa Katz said...


aml said...

Sweet post. But, I got to thinking... modesty is relative.

Of course, this is the blog of an orthodox Jewish women and so I guess you've managed to fall within what ever confines halacha and/or the community dictate (depending on who you ask).

But in a Muslim culture (or in Islamic law, I suppose) baring you neck and your forearms would be considered immodest.

Hindu women wear very modest bathing suits while baring their midriffs in their traditional dress.

For some orthodox Jewish women, the modern flare of your outfit (which is just cute-as-pie, btw) would render this immodest.

To most, pants are immodest, but tight skirts and "Hot Channie" wigs are tolerated.

I started doing quite a bit of work overseas a few years back. I spend much of my time abroad in (predominantly Muslims areas of) India and the Middle East. My "modest" three-quarter length skirts just weren't cutting it. I considered longer skirts, but unless I was willing to sew up the slits in the back and wear thick stockings, that wasn't going to fly either. They don't want to see skin- or maybe they do, I don't know. ;)

I switched to pants and that went over just fine.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Love it. And cute!

Sale shopper? You WERE born to be Jewish, my dear. :)

(Like there was ever any doubt.)

Lori said...

Your outfit looked even cuter in person! Loved how your hair covering & top coordinated. Thanks for sharing your friend's blog

Mari said...

I'm generally completely covered up during winter (shirts up to the neck, tights, everything but the kitchen sink)- leading me to feel like I appear 'more religious' in wintertime. Then when summer comes aroud, there are hot summer days when I really wish I could just give it up and put on a tanktop and miniskirt.

Dressing with tznuit can be a challenge at times, but I think it has a good purpose. For anyone who's struggling with it, I think the most important thing is to feel comfortable with it. As self-centered as that sounds, I think that if you're not comfortable with the way you follow a mitzvah you can end up resenting everything to do with it.

You look quite cute, I love the outfit! Btw, my name is Mari- I've been reading your blog for a while but never commented. I'm a fan!

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

Thanks, guys. I've already got a few outfits on the table for a post. So stay tuned. The biggest question is: how to be FASHIONABLE, TZNIUT, and not SCHVITZ like a dog in summer heat ... being in NYC today nearly killed me, and I dressed lightly! Ach!

@Mari Glad you finally commented :) I love it when readers finally find something that sparks them to comment. Yay!

Heather Winkel said...

I LOVE this outfit and all the polka dot goodness!

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