Jan 2, 2011

I Wanted to Be a What?

February 17, 2007
Post Title: Biggidy Bam (a meme)

And I quote ...

67. If you could have any job (assuming you have the skills) what would it be? rabbi or judaic studies professor.
WHAT?! Okay, this journey back in time is going to be much more interesting than I anticipated ...


Gorski said...

*chuckle*. Convert-itis? Lots of Christian (male) converts seem to want to become priests somewhere in their first year or two... (perhaps female preachers/ministers as well in Protestant groups that allow it? I don't know; I've seen it in Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.) Have to kind of fend them off for a little while until it's clear whether that's meaningful or whether it's just a logical extension of finding the faith in the first place--there's more to being a good Christian than becoming clergy; there's more to becoming clergy than being a super-Christian--but that's something that becomes clear as you learn to live as a layman.

Same, maybe, with your move to Judaism and this offhand rabbi comment? I forget your exact timeline, but I think you were recently-converted Reform at the time, and perhaps it was an attempt to deepen that newfound faith even more...? Your real path was quite different, of course...

Enjoyed the pic in your last post from Mr. Peabody's WAYBAC Machine, by the way. I remember it from the first time around. (:

(I am sure my language is a little Christian-centric; I think you understand what I'm getting at here, though, my friend.)

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

I was nearly one year converted and hadn't fallen off the Reform Judaism bandwagon just yet. I was also preparing to move to Chicago. I was probably seeing a big, bright world of opportunity :)

And I get your Christian focus. We've known each other long enough, and I appreciate it! I wish I had a more multi-religious readership, but, well, I do write about Judaism 24/7. I should do some more interfaith stuff. Yes, yes I should!

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