Jan 10, 2011

Slouchy, Jeweled, and, Yes, Modest

It's been quite a while since I posted a tzniut (modest) fashion post, unless you count my vlog about modest fitness fashion, in which case it hasn't been long at all. At any rate, this is a simple outfit that I wore today, just to go out to my "office," which actually is simply the local Starbucks. I wanted to look good, so I could feel good, and that's what this outfit did for me.

I'm a huge fan of jewel tones, and I love living in my jean skirt. So that's what this outfit is: simple, casual, comfortable.

The Jessica Simpson slouchy gray hat I purchased at Century 21 (where the clothes are expensive and the accessories are perfect), and the necklace I got at Old Navy of all places (they have an amazing jewelry selection these days). The necklace has a beautiful pair of matching earrings, but in the spirit of my Let's Bring Back series and book, I opted for this philosophy today:

The "Take One Thing Off" Rule | There can be too much of a good thing, especially when it comes to accessories. Interior decorator and social powerhouse Elsie de Wolfe always used to make herself take on item off before she left the house: a bracelet, a necklace, whatever; it could have been a headband with a huge tulle bow in her case. This sage practice remains a good rule of thumb today; unless, of course, you are only wearing one thing to begin with.

The jewel-tone blue shirt is long-sleeve, soft and comfy as can be, and it's from Lands End. It's honestly my most favorite shirt on the planet (and I have it in every color to prove it). The dark gray cardigan I purchased at Nordstrom Rack, and the jean skirt, well, you can't see it, but it's floor-length and I got it in Israel. The brand is "pink," and, unfortunately, I can't seem to find it anywhere online, which bums me out.  You also can't see my boots, but they're straight from Payless Shoes and are sort of slouchy ankle boots. Oh! And the belt? It's from Target, super "on the cheap."

So get your fashion on. Be casual, be modest, and, most importantly, be beautiful!


Hadassah said...

you always look adorable!! and you look awesome in those slouchy hats - they look dumb on my fringe-less forehead.

Love the necklace - and yeah, the earrings woulda been too much.

Bravo TzniutChick!!

Rivki Silver said...

Tres chic! I just stopped by Nordtrom Rack for the first time today and have spent the rest of the day wondering what took me so long.

Side note to go with your take-one-thing-off philosophy: There's a concept that 'cause we don't have the beis hamikdash #3, we shouldn't wear all our jewelry at once, so, we should always (wait for it) take one thing off. Way to be in sync!

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

@Rivki That approach is so perfect :) I love it. I've heard it before, but I always forget. I think someone told me that on my wedding day!

@Hadassah Just buy some of those bang clips ... lol.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Love the look - especially the color palette! I dig that necklace, & I ALWAYS follow the "take one thing off" rule. In fact, I recently noticed that a friend of mine was wearing a necklace, earrings AND a ring, all massive & sparkly, & I was appalled.

Annnnd I may have included a link to your blog in my most recent JWA post, which isn't up yet. ;)

shualah elisheva said...

definitely a fan of the jewel-toned necklace. have you ever checked out dori csengeri? gorgeous work - look for her necklaces on e.bay!

sh'mi.dev0rah said...

Lookin' fabulous!! =)

Batya said...

great outfit
I love the necklace. My reading glasses are instead of nice necklaces. I just ordered new ones and the optician-whatever said that I should stick with the cheap soft chain to prevent damaging the lens. Heavy, chunky necklaces hurt me. Years ago I damaged my neck-shoulders, one of the reasons I carry everything on my waist.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

Thanks y'all@

@Shualah Nope, I haven't. I will check her out!

@Batya You would be surprised at how light this one is ... I don't buy heavy jewelry, it pains me. I want to feel like it's not there!

Glutenfreebay.com said...

Love your style! This is a great outfit

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