Mar 29, 2011

Delicious Jewish Music: I Give You JudaBlue

I'm a sucker for music. I'm a real sucker for Jewish music. And I'm a massive sucker for new Jewish music. I was contacted by a fellow NYU student named Yaniv with a link to a music video for his band, JudaBlue, which is a band of guys jamming Jewish Rock. Less than a minute in to the video, I'm totally sold -- and it's not because the video is crazy professional for such a fresh band. (FYI: Yaniv is the manager and guitarist for the band.)

Want to help me make them viral? Spread it around, folks. These guys have something very good in store for them.


IMA2FOUR7 said...

I, too, am a really in love with music and music made by Jews and Jewish music. And I really liked that you posted this.
I wanted to share a site with you, just sent to me by a friend. She called it a gem and I think it is:

Unknown said...

There guys are ridiculous! I have never heard such fresh Jewish music in my life!

thejewishteen said...

I agree with IMA2FOUR7 8th day rocks!

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