Feb 3, 2012

New Work, New Food!

This was Taylor's farewell meal. He's off to Carmel, CA, for a week.
If you're curious, it's an African Peanut Stew with Pineapple and Kale.
I hope to post the recipe ... if y'all are interested!
What a week, folks! What a week ... and I've been mute for the whole of it. I was driving home yesterday from a meeting and realized that I hadn't written a single thing on the blog this week and began to wonder -- have I reached the ceiling? Am I done blogging? Then I thought, well, with some new changes, my schedule is becoming more regimented and I should have more time for things like blogging because, thanks to this blog, I've achieved great things and I want to continue on that road of blogomania.

So, first off I want to announce some news on the work front. After living in Denver for four months, and doing consulting work for three of those months, I'm happy to say that I'm now a full-time employee at the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education as a the Social Media and Website Manager. This means I get to do oodles of fun things like run amok on the website, come up with cool socially innovative projects, and more. It's seriously a dream job. I work in Jewish Education and Social Media -- for me, this is the best of both worlds. Also, I'm working as a part-time intern for Blogmutt, a startup based in Boulder, as their social media go-to. It's been oodles of fun, and I get to be just as creative and innovative as a girl could dream of being.

So much snow in Denver!
Basically, I'm on Cloud Nine as far as work goes! Patience is all it took for things to land on their feet.

Speaking of my work at CAJE, there was a most excellent d'var on Beshalah given at our weekly meeting that discussed the significance and importance of the items that the Israelites took out of Egypt -- the timbrels, matzo, and Joseph's bones. The discussion involved a question: If you had to pick up and leave, what one item would you take with you? After all, when it came time to take Joseph's bones out of Egypt, Moses searched and persisted for Joseph's bones. So, if you had to search and persist for a single item, what would it be?

At first, I thought, Nothing! There is Nothing! And then I realized, there is something. One thing, in fact. This thing is a photo of my Grandpa and Grandma Edwards standing with my father and uncle, a few years before my grandmother died. (I've written before about them. My grandmother and grandfather both died before my dad was 12 years old.) It's one of the only things that attaches me to a past and to people I never knew.

For what would you search high and far?

On that note, I want to wish you all a Shabbat Shalom from snowy, snowy Denver. Here, I offer you an image of my new attempt at gluten-free, vegan challah! I promise to let you know how it tastes.


Erika said...

That's a lot of oodles! Congrats on everything good going on in your life.

Melissa S-G said...

YAY for all the happy. I knew Denver was going to be good for you. ;-)

As for what to take, it is simple for us. We'd take our Ketubah. Not only is it a central part of us, on the back of it is a pocket which contains all our important paperwork. Though, if we were on foot it would be tricky since its quite large and hard to carry!

Kate @ GreatestEscapist.com said...

I'm so happy for you re: the new job! Sounds like it's PERFECT for you. What a lucky break that something like that was open with such good timing for you! Can't wait to hear more about it.

Batya said...

Shavua tov! The jobs sound great!! Good luck!

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

@Erika I like to use words. A lot :)

@Melissa For reals, I get you. Your ketubah is gigantic, and beautiful!

@Kate Thank you! I did luck out.

@Batya Shavua tov!

Emily said...

Mazals! Seems like you're settling into amazing (even on the days that it's just plain boring + normal goodness). Would you mind posted the gluten-free challah recipe if it was any good? Both my acupuncturist and Western doc told me last week that it was time to end my affair with gluten once and for all. (Traditional) Challah is going to be the trickiest thing for me to give up because I equate it with the point in the week where I finally get to breathe. Need a replacement stat!

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