Sep 14, 2006

Ani L'Dodi V'Dodi Li

Oh I wish all of you who read my blog and whose blogs I read would hop over and get a BLOGGER BETA. It's quick, it's painless, and I can't comment on any of your blogs becuase I switched. Do you know how much this sucks? Hugetime, that's how much.

So, consider it, will you?

Also: Got the new laptop today. It's gorgeous. I'm not sure what I'll name it yet. I find that naming the inanimate objects in my life somehow makes them more agreeable. It's a Dell, and it's lovely. It also means there's a good chance I'll post more often, as when the thoughts hit me, I should have my computer there with me.

That is all.


melanie.feyerherm said...

so we all have to switch because you did? that doesn't seem fair. what the heck is blogger beta anyway?

Tamara said...

You CAN comment and so can your people. Look at the bottom of my current post. It explains how. YOu do the same when you want to comment as well.

Shana Tova!

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