Oct 7, 2006

For Jews and non-Jews:

I spotted this illustration with an article I just read, and, without knowing what the article is, I'm curious what the random viewer thinks this illustration means. I'm not as visual of a person as I once was, but I think it's interesting to take an illustration or photograph out of context and see what the casual viewer/reader takes from it. So here it is (comment to tell me what you think it is in regards to, what it means, what it means to you):


Beth said...

To me, it looks like that person's "heart" is the Star of David, so are they Jewish? It looks like he's befuddled as to why he's holding his "heart."

Anyway, that's my stab at it. I'm not art critic.

I wanna know more about this guy you're seeing! You know, I'm really happy for you. :)

Jessica said...

Are you going to post the original context in a few weeks? I'm really curious about it.

I agree that it is his heart. I see it though that he is Jewish and has taken out his heart (or maybe the piece of him that he considers most Jewish) and is examining it, thinking about. Maybe he is struggling with his religion or with G-d or how to be a better Jew. Or is thinking about giving up his Jewish-ness.

I am definitely curious about the original context.

Tamara said...

Yellow is a color that signifies insanity. See Charolotte Perkins Gilman's short story "The Yellow Wallpaper".

His heart or more symbolically, his center, what makes him whole; is Judaism represented by the Star of David.

So my take?

With the Jewish part missing, he is incomplete, he feels as if there is a hole, and perhaps it makes him unstable, imbalanced and a little crazy.

:D Can you tell I was an English major. I LOVED analyzing stuff like this in school.

Tamara said...

Oh, and I'm happy to say that I found the article in came from, reading it now :D

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