Nov 27, 2006

Frustrated rambling.

Here's the thing. A reader of the block pointed out to me that he, like many, is sympathetic to the abuse of immigration in Israel, in response to my blog entry on the proposal to ban CONVERTS from the law of return. (Note: This isn't anger at this fellow by any means, I just. don't. get. it.)

Orthodox leaders in Israel are not a fan of reform or diaspora conversions, but I would go so far as to say that some of the most devout, dedicated, passionate Jews are the converts. There are plenty of Jews in Israel who are as secular as my family is Christian. Or as Jewish as my family is Christian. I understand that within Israel there is strife between the secular and religious, reform and orthodox, but why keep out some of the most devout, dedicated, passionate Jews there are? If you want a more religious, more colorful, passionate society, why not IMPORT the devout ones!? Eh!? Jews by CHOICE. Chosen people. Choosing to become chosen? Brilliant.

Sigh. Israel may be better off bringing in those who were not born Jewish, but who are more Jewish than some of the Israeli Jews will ever be! Okay, okay. Then again, who is to say who is more Jewish? What does "more Jewish" mean? Tallis? Kipot? Mezuzah on all entryways? Kugel in the oven every day? I just don't get it.

Someone explain it all to me. And tomorrow, I'll Torah blog.


Chris Jones said...

Saw your comment on Andrew's site. Quite right: be jealous of Wilco, but not of Cleveland. Wilco on an off night is still a great live band. But you're so right about the R&R HoF: it's an exercise in missing the point.

Jessica said...

It's such a tough discussion because as you said what is the measuring stick for "Jewish enough?" Or "Jewish?"

As for the immigration issue, someone made a suggestion (I think it might have been at the haaretz site or jpost) that there be a time limit to "weed out" those who are supposedly converting to emigrate for a job etc. I can't imagine that since I don't think the job situation in Israel is all that great but I guess that's relative. I digress...the suggestion was that if person X converted Y number of years ago they should be allowed under the law of return: so, someone who converts today would be eligible in Y years.

I guess that's a middle ground. But again it doesn't solve the basic problem of the Orthodox not respecting Reform or COnvservative conversions. OR not respecting Reform/Conservative Judaism in general. Some of the comments at Haaretz/Jpost were getting nasty. And like you I just don't get that kind of animosity.

Wow...long comment...sorry to monopolize the space!!

lxr23g56 said...

hum did you mean me? i dont think you meant me but just to be safe i thought i would ask.

and yes jessicas post are always way tooooooo long! JK!

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