Feb 21, 2007

Faithful Questions

"You don't learn by having faith. You learn by questioning, by challenging, by re-examining everything you've ever believed.

And yet, all this is a matter of faith -- the faith that there is a truth to be found.

To truly question, you must truly have faith." (Lubavitcher Rebbe)



lxr23g56 said...

Great Quote!

lxr23g56 said...

Hi there

I'm posting my question here because I'm not sure if you got my last e-mail.

I don't wanna go into details in a comment on your blog but I have a question for you.

I'm getting ready to start up a project for school and I would like to bounce a few ideas off of you because you're a Jew by choice and also I believe you work in publishing of some sort.

Anyhow could you please fly me off an e-mail even if you aren't interested to so that I know that you've gotten this and I can stop pestering them?

Be well

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