Feb 21, 2007

A Poetic Interlude!

Okay. I was originally posting an Oi Va Voi video. And then I found this. It's of the style of SLAM poetry. And it's beautiful. I particularly like the line "i never found god i just ran out of excuses not to" and "i learned how to get to the point where the only rules i followed were the ones i cared about, and that, is how i found g-d." Brilliant.

Be sure to check out Jewish Impact Films!!! So good.

One of my favorite is the kosher vid, and especially, this noir about Passover and chametz!


lxr23g56 said...


Did you find that via my YouTube faves, via my last post?

I was saving this for a latter post but you beat me to it.

And yup its great vid.

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