Jul 28, 2007

Bagels and Lox! Bagels and Lox!

Am I a bad Jew? I had bagels and lox -- for the FIRST TIME -- last night at Eleven City Diner here in Chicago. And I don't know if it's an acquired taste ... but ... I didn't particularly enjoy it! Ian and I spent some time discussing the finer Jewish foods. There aren't many that I am not a fan of. I live gefilte fish, kugel, hamantaschen, charoset ... you name it ... I love it. But bagels and lox -- what Ian calls the "Jewish sushi" -- definitely didn't win me over. But here are some fun photos of the experience anyway!

Eleven City Diner is now my favorite Jew restaurant ... where the meals have names like "The Schwartzy" and "The Moshe," the pickles are homemade, the bar is full of Manischewitz and the jazz and blues are always playing. Amen!


Gorski said...

Not sure how you like gefilte fish but not bagels and lox!

"Jewish sushi"--A friend of mine works as a nanny for an Orthodox Jewish family near here (one of a very few in this area, as far as I can tell). Being Orthodox, they have all their strict dietary laws, and one of the only places they can go around here that they're sure meets their requirements is a sushi restaurant.

They have young children, and one of them not only loves the sushi, but eats it two-fisted--picking up pieces of sushi and eating her way through an entire plate of the stuff, much to the surprise of the waitstaff. I think she's about two.

...Though come to think of it, her favorite is nigiri style smoked salmon.



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