Oct 31, 2007

Interlude: A non-Jewish related post.

So this post has nothing to do with Judaism. Every now and again I diverge, and you know, that's cool and stuff. So I'd like to share a few words about Halloween.

I haven't liked Halloween in a long, LONG time. I mean, when I was a kid I loved it. I remember fondly the years in Joplin dressing up as Miss America and a cat and other novelties of the 80s and early 90s. I also remember that Halloween was fun at my dad's job ... (a building materials store) ... where each department would put together a fancy little pumpkin person with items from their department. Every year we'd peruse the store and check out the pumpkin people. It was so rad, and my mom took pictures every year. Those were the days. When it was good, hometown Halloween.

But now? It's girls dressed as slutty (insert profession here). Slutty doctor, slutty firefighter, slutty little red riding hood, etc. etc. etc. When did people decide Halloween was less about fun and more about getting laid? Isn't that what the revelry of Mardi Gras or St. Patrick's Day is for? I applaud the couple over the weekend dressed like J.D. and Eliot. Or the girl I saw tonight dressed like a gigantic container of popcorn.

Another thing that irks me is the people who don't dress their kids up but go door to door asking for candy. What the hell? That defeats the purpose of the fun having. Then there's the high schoolers who don't put a seconds thought to a costume but go around picking up candy anyhow. UGH! Have some respect.

And finally ... it sort of amazes me that people go trick-or-treating door-to-door in the city. I mean, I did it all the time as a kid living in a suburban setting, but in the city? With apartments and more violence and ... other things. How strange, but there were SO many kids out tonight. Mazel tov to them.

Happy All Hallows, ya'll. I hope you got some candy ...


Christy said...

I totally agree...for some reason a lot of women see Halloween as an excuse to wear practically nothing when they would otherwise dress normally. I don't get it.

Tamara said...

First, I teach high school.

Second, yes, kids dress up.

And yes, the girls dress so ridiculously slutty that today I was a tad disgusted. Especially with the mini minis and the low cleavage. Shit, I'm straight and married but one can't help but notice a girl with her ton tons hanging out.

Boys don't go so much all out. Though, there were a few guys dressed as girls, including one of my own students who borrowed shoes and a skirt from my Goodwill bag in my car. :)

I do live in the city and what I found, because I just ran a couple errands, is that the kids in the not so nice parts of town come north of a certain Hollywood Blvd. :) in order to trick-or-treat at the nicer houses. As I drove home I was happy to see many many kids with parents treating around the neighborhood and just as many homes fully decorated and into the holiday. I think it's fun and a, for me, remembrance of when life wasn't so dangerous and scary.

Perhaps I'll post this on my blog...yeah, I'm a subject stealer...but don't worry, it's only my Halloween costume.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...


Our big cities are *quite* different though ... it was surprising to me here, especially, because it's such a walking city. It's built like New York and most people don't have cars, unlike California big cities. So it seemed odd to me, I guess, since everyone walks or rides the El everywhere here :)

Leah in Chicago said...

I used to live in a destination trick or treating neighborhood in Chicago--Ravenswood. Lots of single family homes and good access from public transportation. people come from all over the city to trick or treat.

Now that I'm in edgewater in a large building, I just holed up with a glass of wine and a block of cheese and ignored Halloween. :)

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