Dec 10, 2007

Chanukah! Just a little bit left ...

So there is so little of Chanukah left. It seems to fly by in the blink of an eye, even though I remember growing up and Christmas feeling like it lasted for days and days and days. How odd is that? I wanted to post some cookie photos, of course, but first, I had to say THANK YOU to Beth, who sent me this awesome card, that has little punch-out candle flames that you insert into the menorah for each night! This is definitely an Amanda-friendly menorah :)

And here are the sexy cookie shots. I bought some canned icing to do interesting stuff this year, since I didn't want to make a mess of mixing the food coloring into the white frosting. However, I think in the future I'll go back to that method -- despite the mess! They just look more clean :)


Tamara said...

Hey there,

Been trying to IM you, but to no avail. So odd.

Thanks for the comment on both blogs :) You rock.

Oh, and eat a latke!

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