Dec 24, 2007

Guess a fish's name, by jove!

It begins with the tank. On the way home today, feeling a little low about being alone and without much to do on Christmas Eve (lonely Jew, blah blah), I hopped out of the bus while we were idling near the PetSmart. I went in, smiling like a four-year-old and announced to the fish lady "I would like to purchase a goldfish." She sort of looked at me funny, then asked what I was looking for precisely. She took me over to the tanks and I picked one out. She then informed me that I should probably wait to get the goldfish until Wednesday, so the tank has some time to sit and be all set to go. I think she thought I was senile. She asked if it was a gift for someone, and I said "No, it's a holiday gift to me. My apartment feels dead and lonely without something living in it, and I happen to be very good at killing plants." So here's the tank.

AND ... here's the exciting part ... I will reveal the name on Wednesday after I get the fish, but I'll mail a book from my library (you can choose from a list which I will offer to you) to the first person who can guess what I intend to name my fish :) What a giveaway! I'm really polite to my books, so never fear. And if you know me, it'll be the easiest thing you've ever done. (And if your comment doesn't appear right away, it's because I have approval on it, so don't fret.)

So get to guessing!


Saralein said...

I once had a fish named John the Bapfish. But I doubt you are going to name yours that. ^_^ Congrats on getting a fishy.

Anonymous said...

Like my cat, I am also the second owner of a fish.

His name was Ronillo. He belonged to the teacher in the class next to me. This past June she left and asked me to take over his care.

I bought him a better bowl, renamed him "Dave" (Avi's choice). And that fish won't die! :)

The kids love to look at the silly fish. High school kids! They talk to it. And, when the kids don't listen to me, I say, "Fine, I'll go to my desk and talk to Dave".

Right now Dave is home with me for winter break.

As far as your fishies name. My guess is Chaim.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

Niet! Not Chaim, no ma'am.

I do love the John the Bapfish, though, lol. That's truly creative!

I once won a goldfish at a state fair, and it lived for FOUR YEARS ... it was ridiculous. I told the PetSmart lady the story and she was a'gap at the mouth. :)

Jacqueline Smilack said...

Is it Dag? (hebrew for Fish?)

I always remembered my hebrew words with this little rhyme (which could totally be an Abbott/Costello sketch:

Mi is who
Hu is he
He is she and
Dag is a fish

Hope all is well,

Carah said...

I once won a goldfish at my synagogue's Purim carnival. We named him Mordechai, and he also lived a very long time. :)

My guess is Gefilte. Going on a whim, here, since I don't know ya very well...

Have a relaxing day... Christmas can be so quiet... good for staying in one's PJ's ALL day.

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