Jan 23, 2008

Re: Blogging v.2008.

UPDATE: For sometimes and frequent readers, at the advice of someone ... I've altered my commenting so that anyone can comment with any type of account. I don't condone Anonymous posters, simply because I stand behind what I type 100 percent, and commenters should as well. If you don't have something productive to say, then do not bother us with your shmutzik!

Shalom, friends. And be well.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want to post anything after that bitchy comment? Nu? Good God.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

Samuel ben Avraham, please, be nice, or just go away. My post wasn't bitchy, it was the honest truth. I posted this comment now, but I won't allow for any of your negativity behind monikers any further.

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