Aug 24, 2010

Jewish Anti-Gravity Tornado Warfare!

I have to hand it to my BFF Cesar for sending this my way. A man, deeply upset about the tearing down of a country club in Omaha, sent this letter to the Omaha Planning Board. It is, in a word, hilarious. And the image that someone made to go with it is even MORE hilarious, and I've included it in this post because I can't get over how ridiculous it is. With all of the bad, horrible, violent, and negative posts that exist out there in the Jewish blogosphere, this is a beacon of light ... on the ridiculousness of some people.

You can find the full letter here, but here is a bit of the text of it.

The public is tired of and angry about corrupt Jew-connected big business gangsters and business-as-usual porkbarrel payment of bribes to regime bureaucrats. (I find this hilarious because it puts corrupt Jews and porkbarrel together.) ...
Tall new buildings might be toppled or damaged by Jewish anti-gravity tornado warfare like that done against Omaha in June 2008 linked to the spelling of the name Obama and linked to eleven letters in the name Barack Obama. (Um, what? Why didn't I get the memo about this AWESOME anti-gravity tornado machine!?) ...
Oh, and then he blames the Jews' "electromagnetic secret weapon anti-gravity beam-intersection" for killing beloved Nebraska football quarterback Brooke Barringer (who actually died in a plane crash). He also, of course, denies the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust (get some fresh material!).

Oh it just makes me laugh. I had to share it. But mostly because I wanted to share a depiction of the big, bad Jewish tornado. Are you ready?

When will it end? At least this guy isn't threatening violence ...


Suburban Sweetheart said...

Dude. Remember when I worked for a Jewish org?


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Chavi, I love that depiction more than life itself. Did you draw that?! It had me on the floor laughing. People are crazy. But the Jewish tornado looks like a lot of fun. :)

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