Aug 24, 2010

Quite Like It

For those of you who never got to peek at the invitations to our wedding (circa May 31, 2010), here's a look at them, taken from the designers of the beautiful, unique invitations, The gals behind QLI are two of my BFFs, Heather and Ananda (mazal tov to the latter, who recently had a baby girl!).

So here's a screen-shot of the invite on their page. I feel so dazzled to be featured in their homepage montage!

I was their first Hebrew-language invite, but their experience with invitations for any and every event is expansive. I can recommend them personally and professionally (after all, we were journalismos together for a few years), so if you're looking for invite designers, these girls are the most creative, talented designers I know.


Suburban Sweetheart said...

I was IN LOVE with your invitations. Seriously adored them. Classy, funky, fun.

Anonymous said...

They are fab designers, by the looks of their website!

Rivki Silver said...

Those are fanTAStic invitation! I love the look of them, and your friends' site is total eye candy. Thanks for sharing (and mazel tov on your wedding)!

Heather Winkel said...

Awww thanks for the compliments! We looooved working on your invites.

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