Oct 7, 2010

A Friendly Request: Gerim!

Your friendly blog writer here with a request from a friend that I think some of you might be able to help out with -- or, at the least -- can pass along to those who you think might be up for answering the call.



I am putting together a book about Gerim and plan to include stories of Gerim who became Chassidim and those who were inspired by Chassidic teachings.

Please contact me if you are interested to have your story included. I am particularly interested to include stories about how Gerim first discovered Yiddishkeit, overcame obstacles during the geirus process, and what attracted them to Chasssidic teachings.

Dov ben Avraham


Elle said...

I didn't grow up Jewish... but i found Judaism (or maybe it found me!). I am now living as a "bat Noach" (aka Noachide) but I am working on converting because it is really where I long to be and have for some time. If that helps you out just let me know. feel free to read my blog and see if that's what you are looking for. It better explains what I am attracted to Chassidic teachings and so forth...

Elle said...

i just realized I didn't give you the right spelling for my blog link... wooops.

here is the actual blog:


Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

Elle -- I passed on your information to the interested/curious party :) Thank you! I look forward to checking out your blog.

Elle said...

oh! I guess I didn't read your post very thoroughly, I thought it was merely YOU asking... but that's ok. feel free to pass it on :)

I read through your blog and it was a great read! I will try to make it a regular stop.

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