Nov 14, 2010

Hair Covering Giveaway!

Yes, it's that time of year. The time of year to buy new head coverings! Why? The weather is changing, the leaves have all but disappeared, and, well, who doesn't want or need new, beautiful head coverings? Thus, I give you a giveaway from (aka CYH)!

First, I have to tell you about the cute hat they sent me to get you guys excited about what's in store for the colder-weather months (and for those of you in Texas or Israel or countries where it doesn't get so cold, there are plenty of beautiful tichels and headbands available). Called The New Fashionable Beret on the site, this knit hat is a wonder. I buy a lot of knit winter hats at places like K-Mart and Conway (in NYC), but they tend to be plain, and I often wish that they had just a little something to jazz them up. Thus enters these hats. With a simple bow, the hat really does give off a different vibe than if it were sans the bow. And, believe it or not, adult bows are in fashion this season (so sue me, I saw it on TV). The hat is actually a lot thicker, which plays into a serious high-quality look and feel. Overall? I'm loving this hat! Can't you tell?

Here are the details:

  • One winner will receive a box of surprise hair accessories worth $25!
  • You have many ways to enter the contest, and for each thing you do, please mention it in the comments (honor system!) in a single comment, please. Here are the ways to add entries to your comment.
  • Remember: Post a comment on MY BLOG with all of the things that you did to enter. 
  • The contest will close at 10 p.m. on Thursday, November 18. The winner will be chosen at random! Men, enter for your wives, too!
Note: This CAN be shipped worldwide -- so, no matter where you are, enter enter enter!

And, just so you don't walk away empty handed if you don't win, you, my lucky blog readers, have the opportunity to receive 20% off at through December 31, 2010 using promo code "blog1231." Enjoy!


Batya said...

I subscribed to the youtube. I figure that even after 40 years of marriage and hair-covering, there are things I can learn.
And what do I love the most from my collection of accesories? Scarves, I've renewed my "love affair" with them.

G6 said...

I love my HUGE black and white straw hat (complete with dots and feathers) from Marks & Spencer. I had to give up my (OK, my daughter's) carry-on, to get it back to the States with me on the plane, but it was certainly worth it.

I followed on Twitter too.

Carie :) said...

I love the headbands on CYH. I have tons of them! They are so easy to slip on and are wide so they cover my head and go with pretty much everything. My favorite is a black one that's a little sheer and has sequins that I got recently. Versatile and can be dressed up or down.

I also friended/fanned them on facebook. :)

Sigalit Chana said...

I think my favorite head coverings are my Israeli Tichels from cover your hair :D

I subscribe via google friend to cover you hair.

And Youtube

Thanks for the chance to win!

Shira said...

What a cool contest!

I think my best hair accessory right now is a plaid hat that I just bought!

Amanda said...

Here's what I did...

JGoogle Friend Connect
Twitter to blogroll
coveryourhair.comt o blogroll
Fan on Facebook

My absolute favorite hat is from Goorin Bros hats. They're adorable, and they cover a more of the head (although I don't cover all the time, I love the look). The Teebaby is the one I have!

Sheva said...

the best hair accessory I have is my sheitel, it goes with everything. Ok so maybe not the gym because a sweaty sheitel is just plain gross, so if I was the kind of girl who worked out I would say I love a good israeli tichel ,one that is large and thick for great coverage that doesn't slip.

Rachel said...

I love my massive flower headband that goes with my fall... its really cute!

and I "liked" them on facebook :)

Debbie said...

Right now, the best hair accessory I have is a beautiful sparkly headband that I won in another giveaway! I use it on my sheitel.

I joined hair accesory on google friend connect.
I have hair accessory on my blogroll.
I am subscribed to CYH on youtube.

I don't do twitter, facebook, stumbleon, delicious, etc., etc., so I can't make those entries.

TMC said...

The best hair accessory in my collection is tichel from Israel. Love it!

Glad Hatter said...

The best accessory in my arsenal is the goody no-slip headband I wear underneath everything to keep my curly hair under control. It doesn't ping off or restrict blood flow!

Glad Hatter said...

I follow CYH on twitter

Glad Hatter said...

I'm a fan of CYH on FB. If I could put more abbreviations I would, but I'd need a gallon of tea to fire up the brain cells.

Caroline said...

My favorite hair accessory right now is a plain ponytail holder. It's certainly what I used the most! HOWEVER, my other favorite hair accessory is the pretty brown and blue hat I bought a few weeks ago. It's put away until after my wedding in the spring, but every so often, I like to take it out, put it on, and grin. :) Can't wait until I'll wear it on a regular basis!!!

Anonymous said...

MY best hair accessories are my new long clips to keep my hair nicely clipped up underneath my tichel as well as keeping my tichels neatly in place. I have had real problems with both and now that I have these new clips, which are long and actually stay in place, I can finally stop worrying about what my headcovering is up to. So, not too exciting, but a real basic goody.

I also friended\fan of CYH on facebook. (I thought I already had, but turned out that no, so thanks for the reminder!)

SusQHB said...

Sorry to ruin your misconception darling, but it gets down to the 20s here in Dallas in the winter. I am already FREEZING and we haven't seen the worst of it yet.

My fave hair accessory is a black and white headband that I have that looks sharp, fits comfortably and conforms to the rules of kisui rosh. Best part is when I wear it people think my hair is a sheital. I like to let them believe it. ;)

Lily said...

I have CYH on twitter, am a fan on facebook, and have subscribed to the youtube CYH feed. :)

I love israeli tichels/mitpachats. They are so breezy and comfortable, plus very colorful and easy to coordinate with any outfit!

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to enter this contest but the list of things to do is HUGE! Maybe next time if it's not as complicated :)

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

@Anon Nowhere do I say you need to do ALL those things ... I say you get one entry per thing you do. So if you comment here, you'll be entered once. If you Tweet, twice, and so on. All you have to do is comment ... it's easy as pie.

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