Dec 6, 2010

Do You Throw Your Latkes in the Air?

I'm sure you guys have seen this already, but I can't help but share. And ask: What's up with the astronaut?


Drew said...

I made my latkes in the oven this year so no flipping... :-) However, the chorus in this song makes me want to jam out and look like a spaz in public. :-)

Batya said...

never, I'd have to clean the mess

Shades of Grey said...

The astronaut is a continued bit of shtick from the Maccabeat's first music video for "One Day" ( which depicts a series of mini-stories of how the various guys joined the group.

The fellow in the orange space suit is actually from Houston, Texas - home of a large NASA space center. He wears the suit in the original video, and is only continuing the bit here - which makes for a fun little inclusion for established fans of the Maccabeats.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

I didn't make any this year :\ I might make some for Shabbos, is that weird?

They'll be baked, however!

@Shades THANK YOU for clearing that up!

le7 said...

I love this video!

At Zumba tonight out teacher tonight played the original song by Taio Cruz but I couldn't help but think of the Maccabeats lyrics.

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