Feb 1, 2011

Gefilte Gone Gone Gone!

I have to hand it to my husband. He's ridiculous. This was sent to the Teaneck Shuls Listserv.
Last night I purchased a gefilte fish from Glatt Express. I know it was in my bag when I left the store but I couldn't find it when I got home. I went back and couldn't find it in the parking lot. Did anyone pick it up? 
Yes, he actually asked that. One response raises a really good point, however.
Hi. Just a thought . . . if someone did find the fish in the parking lot would it remain kosher after having lain unmonitored on the ground?
Indeed! What do you think? And, also, do you think my dear husband was being serious?


The Kosher Cruiser said...

I cannot believe you would think I would post something that wasn't serious. Of course I am so very worried about it!

YC said...

Not to worry, bc of the snow (all cold) it is still kosher.
PS I agree- never post unless your 100% serious

Anonymous said...

That poor fish. All alone in a big, cold parking lot...what would happen if it came upon a fish hater?!

Rivki @ Life in the Married Lane said...

Nu, did he get the fish back?

I wouldn't think Kashrus would be a problem, unless the package was opened, I suppose. But I thought the unmonitored thing only applied to meat, not fish. Anyone?

Susan B said...

What? Are we afraid maybe someone would come open the jar, insert some bacon, run it back through a vacuum pack machine, and then place it back in the parking lot?

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