Feb 5, 2011

A Mikvah Miracle?

I'm pretty sure HaShem reads this blog.

No, I'm serious. I've always had these sort of weird moments where I'll wonder about something and *poof* it'll show up on the next page of what I'm reading or I'll be frustrated about something at shul only to find out that the text I'm reading is focused on that very frustration in the next chapter. It's like HaShem is willing me to understand the things I don't and to cope with the things that frustrate me. Of course, it doesn't happen often enough, nor does it happen with the major questions and frustrations in life, but beggars can't be choosers.

I wrote a blog post back in December called The Mikvah is Lost On Me, and it's one of my most oft-read posts these days. A lot of people gave me a lot of great advice, and I took a lot of it into account during my next trip to the mikvah. The thing of it is ... is that it was probably the best mikvah experience as a married woman that I had and have had.

I was frustrated with the rush, the time curiosity, the mundane nature of the preparations, and the quick fly-by of the actual mikvah dip itself.

And then I went to the mikvah, after airing my frustrations, and the entire experience was heavenly. I paced myself, went through a set routine, but with emphasis on each aspect of preparation. And when the mikvah attendant came, she was the friendliest and most kind attendant I've had. She kept insisting that I take my time, all the time I needed, that there was no rush, and that if I had any questions or needed anything to just ask. We got to the mikvah and she again assured me that it was okay for me to take my time. So I counted the steps as I entered the pool, and when I was in, I took my time with each dip, thinking about all of our mothers, the great women of Jewish memory. I counted the steps as I came up, I put on the robe, reentered my room, and for the first time I felt relaxed, not rushed or unfulfilled.

It just felt right. I knew in that instance that HaShem read my blog post. You probably think I'm nuts, but seriously, what are the chances to land a mikvah lady that attuned to my greatest frustrations with mikvah-going? Okay. Maybe the mikvah folks are plugged in to my blog and brace for when I come in.

Or maybe, just maybe it was a fluke. Maybe it won't happen again, and maybe I just got lucky. Maybe I was looking for that rekindling experience, one that would set everything right again.

Either way, it gave me a little bit of hope that the mikvah and I were going to be okay after all.


TMC said...

I vote miracle.

bells said...


Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

Thanks guys :)

robin said...

I feel the same way, except not with a blog. I was scheduled to go to the mikvah last week but I didn't want to go. I missed my mikvah in Chicago and wasn't a huge fan of the one I go to here, and I complained to my husband and I considered not going and maybe I don't need to keep this mitzvah anymore. But I went anyway, *one last shot* and it was such a different experience. The lady was nice, I wasn't rushed in, etc etc. That basically saved my practice. Mikvah miracles :)

Anonymous said...

i think there are a lot of these stories. I made aliyah just over a year ago, and HATE going to the mikvah in my new city. it has been very hard for me. DH and I were also trying to concieve our second, and unlike our first it was taking a long time and I was having weird cycles. Last time I told DH how much I was struggling with this, and maybe I shouldnt go, or find away around it. he talked me down from my ledge, and i went. the experience wasnt great, but we conceived that cycle BH. Sometimes we have to work ourselves through the tough times to realize that there is something there.

Sheva said...

A nice caring and friendly Mikvah lady can change the world, seriously

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