May 12, 2011

Being Propositioned: This is My Life?

Sometimes, I'm just blown away by what people are willing to say, out loud, to strangers.

I have oodles to say about my experience at the Sabra Factory in Richmond, VA, from Tuesday-Wednesday, but that's coming later. Right now, I have to focus on a peculiar and unsettling thing that happened to me this morning. That being said, it also was really amusing.

I had to head into NYC early because I had a ticket to The Nate Berkus Show, and I had to be there by 9:45. I woke up later than I wanted, so I got into the city later than I wanted, and I ended up taking a taxi from Port Authority to the studio up on 57th Street.

The taxi ride started out normal: The Middle Eastern driver was kvetching about his last passenger and how she didn't speak English and had no idea where she wanted to go, and then? It got really weird. Here's how the dialogue went between the two of us. (D: Driver | C: Chavi)

D: So you're Jewish, right?
C: Um, yeah.
D: It's the hair, it's that (he searches for the words) you know, you're one of those (still searching for the word) the guys with the long hair (and he motioned like the peyot curls).
C: Orthodox?
D: Yes! That's it. Orthodox women are very faithful to their husbands, right?
C: Yeah, we are. We're devoted.
D: So you never cheat?
C: Um, I've never cheated. I never would. I don't know anyone else who has, either.
D: How long have you been married?
C: Almost a year.
D: Things get old, right? I mean, I'm married, but, when I find a woman I want, I have her.
(at this point, I'm like, WTH!?)
C: Well, I'd never cheat. I love my husband.
D: Do you live in the city?
C: Nope. I live in Jersey.
D: You are very beautiful, you know. Very beautiful.
C: ... thanks. That's very kind of you.
D: I've never slept with a Jewish woman before.
C: Well, lucky for you there are a lot of them here in New York.
D: You know, if your husband ever goes away, I could give you my card, I could come to you.
C: Listen, I'm really flattered, but, I'm married.
D: Are you sure you don't want my card?
[We arrive to my destination.]
C: No, thank you.
D: Well, good luck with your husband!
C: Thanks ...

Yes, that happened. To me. Here's a taxi driver, who knows I'm an Orthodox Jew, but clearly knows nothing about Orthodox Jews or Judaism, and he propositioned me. I should have taken his number down. I mean, it was flattering, but incredibly awkward. I had zero clue how to handle this situation.

But then I was at The Nate Berkus show, which was awesomely amazing, and I got some nice schwag to bring home with me. I'm actually submitting a story that I hope he'll take on, which I'll let you guys know about soon enough. Check out the goodies:

A messenger-style blanket/bag by The Diaper Dude and Chris Gardner's new book (he was on the show!).

So that was my day. Man alive. Has this ever happened to any of you?

EDIT: The portion up there in bold I forgot to write the first time around. WOW. Because that was the funniest thing.


Anonymous said...

I had a similar disturbing incident in a Philadelphia cab. My driver went on and on about how he had never been with a white woman before, and that age did not matter. He wanted to pick me up on my return trip and offered his card. It makes you feel a bit powerless-alone and stuck in the back of the cab.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Sorry to laugh a your woes, but THIS IS SORT OF HYSTERICAL. People are totally crazy.

Daphne said...

hahaha! How's that for a case of "flattery will get you NO WHERE!!!" :-) And ooooooooh... Nate Berkus... Is he as pretty in real life as he is on TV?

Lullie said...

I've have men stop dead in their tracks to compliment me... AFTER I began dressing modestly. Not before. Ever. There's also the creepy old guy I see at a toll booth every week who refuses to open the gate until he says "que LINDA.. Oh dios mio, que LINDA." Anyway, I think it's that confidence that exudes natural beauty, and men just apparently love it. Huh. Tell THAT to the media.

Elle said...

Men now go out of there way to run to the door to hold it open for me. Heads turn, eyes twinkle, and in general more men talk to me now than ever before. Of course, I am not quite so talkative back, but i think thats WHY they talk ha

Being modest is more than just about keeping men from wanting to look at you. Guys always want to look at girls - and most secular men have no internal monitor on that one sadly. That said, we can only do so much and frankly some men are just really attracted to modestly and clearly the resolution isn't to dress like a whore ha!

when that sort of thing happens to me I say something about it being inappropriate and how disgusting i find them for such a remark. or I relay it back to their own daughter etc... sometimes they needs a verbal slap in the face to realize how nasty a human being they are being. of course, pick your battles - I wouldnt get into any confrontation in the middle of the night on an empty street with a creepy taxi driver for instance!

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