Jul 12, 2011

The Timeline Shifts: When Did I Know?

At the beginning of 2011, I started analyzing my journey to Judaism in this post, trying to figure out exactly when I knew. People ask me that all the time: How did you know? When did you know? As if you can pinpoint a moment in time when it suddenly arrived: My neshama is Jewish!

Alas, it isn't that easy. It's steady, gradual, and after years, it becomes a haze of memory. I always feel like it was Spring semester of 2003 that I began my foray into Judaism, with an Intro to Judaism course, but clearly it came before that. How do I know? I just found this in a journal from 2003:

Weird, right? Super weird. January 2, 2003, I knew something. Clearly, the talk I remember having with my friend that made me go out and buy Anita Diamant's "Choosing a Jewish Life" must have happened in Fall semester 2002.

Can you pinpoint the moment you knew?


batya from NJ said...

Or maybe it was when you starred in Fiddler ;)?!!

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

That was in 2000 -- no way!

Angi said...

I knew when i was 12 so 2002 it was 7th grade and i had a friend that was jewish and i was looking through her siddurim, i think that is when i knew, i knew for sure when i was 14. I actually wrote about it it for a jewish teen magazine if you google me you can find it , Angelina Rosendo tulsa, ok

Dave said...

Have you ever regretted the decision?

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