Nov 10, 2011

Calling All Jewish Blogging Rockstars!

I'm trying to compile a list so that when there are awesome press releases or things happening in the Jewish blogging world I can reach all of my awesome rockstar blogger friends. Please join the list! I promise not to spam you, and the list won't be sold. I just want to easily get to everyone via email without crawling your sites for your email addresses :)

So click here and fill 'er out!

Also, this might give me some new blogs to read!



Drew said...

If I write multiple blogs and the Jewish specific one is rather small right now do I still qualify? :-)

Batya said...

Am I considered a "rockstar" or just an old fogey?

Avraham said...

here is the link to my site
I am no star but sometimes people take a glance at what i have to say.

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