Mar 22, 2010

Passover Haikus -- An In-Transit Project

Tiny Specks of Dust
Hiding in my Books and Shoes.
Burn Chametz, Oh Burn!

Oh, Plagues a'plenty!
I Lament and Nosh Matzo.
Pass the Maror, Please.

Manishewitz, Why?
We Need More Maxwell House Now.
Product Placement; Oy.

Sea of Reeds, Red Sea,
Tambourines Shake, Ladies Dance,
Pre-Exodus Rave.

Sixth Plague, Boils and Puss.
Alicia Silverstone
Says Milk is Puss, Ew.

I've only just begun. I kind of want to write 40 of them, actually. 
Stay tuned for more (and write your own!).


Tzach M. P. said...

Haha. I haven't written haiku in years. I really like yours! Excited to read the remaining 35. ;) I guess I can write one from the perspective of a convert-in-progress who isn't afforded the experience of a real Pesach this year...

Burn my bread? I though
My toaster did that just fine
G-d bless men's cooking*

* Disclaimer: Not all men are shoddy cooks. Just the one's in my dwelling.


Tzach M. P. said...

PS: My "T" fell off of my "thought" :(

Alia Ramer said...

Kindergarten boy
Nervous to say Four Questions
Sweet as charoset

Chaviva said...

@Tzach The hardest thing about Pesach (and the other chagim) is that they're only once a year, lol. It isn't like Shabbat, which you learn quickly (the prayers, halakos, etc). This is only, technically, my fourth or fifth Pesach, so each year is a challenge at this point! Love your Haiku :D

@Alia That's a really beautiful Haiku ... really beautiful. Thank you!

Melissa said...

Yours are a lot nicer than mine!

Jarred gefilte fish
Inattentive relatives
Must be seder time.

Shulhan orech: check
Haggadot are strewn about
Hey, it's time to bentch!

Seder prep is great
Maror in Cuisinart grates
Do NOT take a whiff.

Katherine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suburban Sweetheart said...

These are amazing. I promise to contribute. :)

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