May 4, 2010

Mmm ... Coffee Sweets Giveaway!

Shavuot is coming up, and that means I need to prepare myself for all night study; after all, I'm giving a late-night (or early morning) shiur on "Rachav the Harlot: The Rabbis' Convert." Usually this means lots of coffee, not too much dairy, and plenty of sleep the day before. Traditionally, Jews the world over stay up all night on Shavuot, studying anything and everything involving Torah, and this means crafty ways of staying awake until morning davening. The interesting thing is that I remember reading -- somewhere, at some point -- that the Rabbis discuss, in the Midrashic Literature, the consumption of coffee in order to study into the late hours of the evening. In many cases, studying at night -- especially in the Middle Ages -- was the safest thing to do. Coffee, then, is in our bloods!

So here I am, partnered with the outstanding folks over at the world's largest online Kosher superstore,, to host a giveaway here on the blog for a special choco-coffee confectionary., you see, recently became the newest East Coast reseller of Javaz's Dark and Milk Chocolate confectionaries. The most fascinating thing about this company? They select and roast coffee expressly for confectionary purposes! Oh, and it's kosher, which is always a plus!

So here's the deal: This giveaway is open for the next week (that is, I'll be drawing a winner at midnight on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 11:59 p.m.). What do you need to do?

  1. Follow @kvetchingeditor AND @kosherdotcom on Twitter. 
  2. Answer ONE of the following questions WITH a link to the product on the site. POST YOUR COMMENT HERE ON THE BLOG!
    1. How do you take your coffee? 
    2. What do you like to eat with your coffee?
Next Tuesday, I'll choose a winner at random, and that winner will receive a WEEK's SUPPLY of Javaz confectionary! Yes, that's right, a week's supply. That means one week where you can skip the Starbucks line, or better yet, save it all up for all-night Torah study! You can get a hefty dose of chocolate and a coffee buzz at the same time. That, to me, is besheirt! (That is, meant to be!)

Information about Javaz's chocolates: "The Dark is perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or whenever you want to treat yourself. These artisan confections feature fair-trade organic Arabica coffee beans covered in exquisitely rich and luscious dark chocolate. The Milk, meanwhile, features fair-trade organic Arabica coffee beans smothered in melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate!" (Also: They're Kof-K Dairy.)

NOTE: Only open to U.S. residents. Sorry Canadians and Israelis! But if you DO win, you can always choose to have it shipped as a gift to someone in the U.S.!


Daniel Saunders said...

I'm curious as to where you found the reference to coffee in the Midrashic literature, as I thought it was first drunk in the early modern era (wikipedia says the fifteenth century).

I did see something on the internet ages ago which suggested a link between the creation of the tikkun leil on erev Shavuot and the spread of coffee drinking.

The Kosher Cruiser said...

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee and some left over Challah for breakfast

Anonymous said...

I take my coffee strong, dark, and handsome.

Unknown said...

Can I enter if I'm not on twitter?

Naomi Litvin said...

I drink my coffee with Trader Joe's Soy Creamer which is O-U dairy & hope to be eating Javaz Dark with it.

Drew said...

Following both on Twitter @Extended_Vacay !

1. I like my coffee with a little warm milk, foam and a teaspoon of sugar!

2. I love to eat dark chocolate with my coffee when I'm feeling like being bad first thing in the morning. A little chocolate in the morning makes your whole day better!

Awesome giveaway Chaviva!

Mark said...

I take my coffee with Splenda(tm) and cream.

And not surprisingly, I like chocolate with my coffee. Yeah, I answered both questions, how could I resist?

Here's a link to the dark chocolate version -

And here's the milk chocolate version -

TMC said...

chocolate and coffee should ALWAYS go together!

G6 said...

I like my coffee DARK and SWEET.

And nothing goes better with coffee than a great meltaway:

Thanks for running this contest!


daniel weinreb said...

1. I take my coffee black, except on Shabbos, when I drink it with cream, and on Sunday through Friday, when I also drink it with cream...
2. I drink it with artichokes and asparagus

Krystal said...

1) With milk and sugar, and 2) generally with a bagel or other breakfasty item.

Melissa said...

I take coffee with lots of cream and a little Splenda. It's great with something chocolate to dip!

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