Jan 4, 2011

Kosher Fitness Fashion

I'm gym-going now, thanks to some good deals on some good gyms, and I'm hoping to get over this plateau'd weight that I've been at for nearly three years now. I know, I know -- it's healthy, right, to have a consistent weight. Or is it? I think three years at one weight is a little, well, weird. So I'm going to try to really tackle it. The big issue here, however, is what to wear to the gym. There's a recent post up at In The Pink about what folks wear to workout, so consider me inspired.

Kosher Fitness Fashion from Chaviva Galatz on Vimeo.

Now to go ice my knees ...


Lily said...

I wear about the same thing when I go jogging(the few weeks a year when it's not disgusting out!). Although, I tend to wear knee length leggings and one layer no top.

Anonymous said...

You are so kyoot! I love your recent videos. I'm a schvitzer though so I could never wear that many layers to the gym. It's lululemon yoga pants for me!

Also, I love the way you say "leggings".

Hadassah said...

Thanks for the shout out, toots!!

I wear baggy workout pants and a teeshirt. I wear a baseball cap or a bandanna. I need to be comfortable to work out. If I feel too overdressed I won't want to keep going back. if anyone has any complaints about what I wear they can take it up with my trainer.... :)

Kol haKavod lach for getting back into the workout mode. It's only been 5 days for me and I am feeling muscles that I never knew existed.

aidel said...

Kosher Casual (you can find it online) has some great modest exercise clothing.

KosherAcademic said...

You look good; let us know how it works out after you work out :)

At home I wear little (so long as no one else is home) but when I go out running I wear sweat pants and a tee-shirt or a long-sleeve shirt/hoodie. When I covered I used to wear either a bandana or a baseball cap.

What you wear when (if?) you go swimming may be another good blog post!

Miss you!

Anonymous said...

You look adorable! but you might want to get a skirt that is looser, depending on what machines or workout you are planning. Good luck!

Vicki said...

Kol hakavod for your gym outfit and joining your new gym. How did it go when you went last time?

I'm asking because, from a hiloni point of view, I usually end up stripping layers when I work out and can't quite picture a skirt if I'm on the treadmill, bike, or eliptical.

Anonymous said...

Chaviva, what difference is it to you if there are orthodox men in the gym? Why does that affect the way you dress? Is it out of respect to them? Just curious, you don't have to answer if you don't want.

Melissa S-G said...

I am another who gets hot and has to thus be cautious, b/c if I overheat I just blew the healthy part of working out!
I wear wide leg yoga pants, a lululemon tank, a lightweight jacket (i find these can have sleeves pushed up easier) and a wicking from The Style Underground. All of these are wicking to help make sure I'm pulling the moisture from my skin!
Oh, and I work out at the JCC so its all Jews on all ranges of the spectrum of observance.

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

@KA I don't swim, question answered! :)

So I actually didn't get overheated in this outfit, which surprised even me. I usually would do a one-layer thing, but I don't have anything that really qualifies for a workout that's one layer right now. I gotta work on finding something I'm comfy in that's pulls moisture and fits right.

@Anonymous If there are Orthodox men in the gym, I'd probably feel more self-conscious about being judged. So I'd dress more tzniut, probably. But I'm okay admitting that.

@Melissa I'll have to check out what The Style Underground has :) My problem? Finding stuff that fits me ... gotta buy plus-size tops.

le7 said...

I have a question which I'm not sure how to word it without sounding judgmental. It's a general question.

As orthodox Jews, generally we are used to having to go out of our way to observe mitzvos. So why is it different when tznius and working out (I'm talking, in front of men, not in front of just women). If we're used to looking around for specifically kosher meat, why don't we look around for breathable tznius workout clothes? Yes it's hard to find, but so is kosher food in many places. Why is tznius less important when it comes to working out? I've seen plenty of women in my neighborhood jogging in special tznius exercise skirts (probably designed for tennis), light and stretchy with built in shorts, with 3/4 length sleeved shirts and tichels. I mean it's not impossible.

PS. Very cute outfit. I tend to find that I'm cooler in two very thin layers than one medium layer because of the whole wicking thing.

Glutenfreebay.com said...

I wear outfits similar to what you're wearing much of the time to the gym. Though outside the gym I never wear skirts above my lower calf, at the gym I often wear a shorter skirt- one that comes just down to the knees or right above it - over yoga pants. you might not know who's frum and who's not at the gym around here - some of the most frum women I know in Teaneck work out in sweats and baggy t-shirts, and I know frum men who don't wear a kippah at the gym.

Good luck getting your gym on! Where do you work out? We used to go to 24 Hr Fitness in Hasbrouck Heights and recently checked out the JCC in Tenafly but I'm not sure where we'll end up. A pool is a must for me.

BTW, Old Navy had (might still have) these roll-top skirts (the top is like yoga pants) that came down to the knee and look great over yoga pants or leggings... and are wide enough that you can do yoga or stretching without being constricted as with narrower or longer skirts. I got a size too big so it was longer. I've also worn short cotton knit tunic/dress type things over wide-leg yoga pants to the gym.

TMC said...

You look very smart in your modest wear. :)

sh'mi.dev0rah said...

Looking good--love the color-coordination! Hatzlocha on getting fit! You can do it!! Even Rambam prefers it ;)

Also, Ta-Da! http://www.koshercasual.com/womens-skirts-womens-running-skirts-c-24_25_100.html

sh'mi.dev0rah said...

So, I also wanted to add that I commend you for taking tznius so seriously!

In response to the fact that if you would go to a gym with more frum people vs non-frum and/or non-Jewish... Now, I understand worrying about people judging you; its definitely a valid point. Alternatively, there is a concept in Judaism that you should give everyone dan l'kaf z'chus, the benefit of the doubt--always! No matter if a woman is wearing pants or her hair-covering slides off, a Jew should always think positively of another. Also, "no matter where you go, there you are!" No matter what kind of gym you're going to, you should uphold your practice and do what is halachically valid! Pirkei Avos (2:5) also says, "...in a place where there are no men, strive to be a man." Be who you are, and be proud: no matter who, no matter where!

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett said...

@shmidevorah I love what Kosher Casual has, but, it won't fit me :)

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